Anime Events and Attractions in Tokyo, Japan

Anime Conventions in Tokyo, Japan

Listed here are some of Anime, Manga events held in Tokyo. Also, information on Anime Museum, Stores, Amusement Faculties can be found here.


Jump Festa
An annual Anime/ Manga event held in Makuharimesse in Tokyo, Japan, sponsored by Shueisha publishing the manga magazine Shonen Jump.

Tokyo International Anime Fair
An annual anime event held in late March. Tokyo International Anime Fair is one of the largest anime events held in Tokyo.

Comiket (Comic Market)
The largest Comic (Manga) Market held at Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo, where Doujinshi are sold and Cosplayers get togheter. Doujinshi are manga magazines published by a group of creators. This event is held twice a year in August and December (31 of Dec).

Anime Contents Expo
A large exhibition related to Anima and Manga, held in Makuhari Messe in Tokyo.

International Tokyo Toy Show
An annual tradeshow held every June in Tokyo

Tokyo Game Show

To find Anime and Manga events held in Japan, check this web site. (Japanese site only)


Tokyo Anime Center
Tokyo Anime Center is a facility offering Anime or Manga related information. Anime events are also held too.

Ghibli Museum - website (in Japanese only)
A museum dedicated to Hayao Miyazaki, creator of of anime movies, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and My Neighbor Totoro. The museum concept takes the form of a giant maze with a warning, roughly translated from Japanese to English, "Let's Lose Our Way, Together".

To obtain tickets to the Ghibli Museum, you must purchase in advance and obtain registered tickets before you come to Tokyo. Go here to Order Tickets,outside of Japan:

Suginami Anime Museum
Suginami-ku in Tokyo is known as the city where many Japanimation creating companies are located at.

Gundam Front
A facility located in Odaida, Tokyo, where visitors can experience the world of Gundam.

Toei Animation Gallery (Japanese site only)
A small museum situated at the building of TOEI ANIMATION Co.,Ltd..
Admission Free.

Oume Akatsuka Fujio Memorial Museum
Akatsuka Fujio is a Manga artist who made “Akatsuka’s world” by creating eccentric but impossible-to-hate characters.

Kawasaki-shi Fujiko Fujio Museum (in Kawasaki, Kanagawa)
This museum exhibits the characters like Doraemon created by the Manga artist Fujiko Fujio, This museum includes felicities like an amusement-park.

Hasegawa Machiko Museum (Japanese site only)
A museum introducing Hasegawa Machiko and her outstanding work "Sazae-san". In 1969, "Sazae-san" began as a TV animation, and the program is still on the air today.

Stores, Amusement Faculties etc.

Pokemon Center Tokyo (Japanese site only)
An official store of Pokemon. There are 7 Pokemon Center in Japan. The one in Tokyo is located at Hamamatsucho. (2 min-walk from JR Hamamatsucho Station North Exit)

Sanrio Puroland
An amusement facility of Sanrio’s characters, including Hello Kitty.

Akihabara Shopping District

Nakano Broadway Shopping Mall

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