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Naritasan Temple

Narita International Airport, a gateway to Japan for travelers by air, is formerly known as Tokyo New International Airport although it is actually located in Narita city, Chiba prefecture. Soon after arriving at the airport, most of travelers instantly leave for Tokyo and the chances are that Narita city is still off the beaten track for international tourists. For Japanese, Narita is well known for various attractions, including Naritasan Shinshoji Temple,  the must-visit sightseeing spot in Japan. From Narita International Airport Station to Narita Station that is the closest station to Narita Shinshoji Temple, it takes only 10 minutes by train. Taking a little trip in Narita before leaving from Japan would give you another memorable experience.


From JR Narita or Keisei Narita station, walking down a narrow street leading to Narita Shinshoji Temple, soon you will see stores and restaurants with atmosphere lined up along the street, which is called Omote-sando or the approach path, one of the most enjoyable attractions of Narita Shinshoji Temple. Since Unagi is a specialty dish of Narita, appetizing smells of Unagi come from the restraints along the path.

Narita Shinshoji Temple is a large temple having more than 100 years of history. Since Edo period (1603-1868), Naritasan Temple has been a popular spot and even today more than 10 million of people visit every year. The entrance gate of Narita Shinshoji Temple is small, but there are a number of structures in its vast ground, including Three-storied Pagoda, Shakado Hall, and Niomon Gate, all certified as important cultural properties of Japan.


In Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, cultural festivals and events are held throughout the year, that attracts more visitors to come. Naritasan Koen Park, lies behind the temple grounds, also fascinates visitors with seasonal flowers in Spring or colorful leaves in Autumn. To have a look around both Naritasan temple and Naritasan Koen Park, it would need 3 hours or so.

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Information

Events and Festivals at Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

* To find detailed info, see the web site of Narita City Tourism Association
- Ume (Plum) Festival : In March
-  Naritasan Antique Fair : 28th of every month
 - Fudo-no-Oido Tea Ceremony : From mid.April to end of April
 - Narita Dorum Festival (Narita Taiko Matsuri) 
 - Narita Gion Matsuri (In July)

How to get there

From JR Tokyo station to JR Narita station
Approx.75 min. by Kaisoku Airport Narita Line (Connected with Sobu or Yokosuka Line)

From JR Shinagawa or Shinjuku or Ikeukuro station to JR Narita station.
Approx. 60 min. by Narita Express

From Keisei Ueno station to Keisei Narita station
Approx.70 min. by Keisei Honsen Tokkyu Line
Approx.80 min. by Keisei Honsen Kyuko Line

From Narita International Airport No.2 Passenger Terminal station oo JR/Keisei Narita station
Approx.10 min. by JR Narita Line
Approx.8 min. by Keisei Honsen Line

From JR Narita station / Keisei Narita station to Naritasan Shinshoji Temple
Approx. 20 min. on foot.
Google Maps - Narita Shinshoji Temple

Narita City Round Bus
A round bus is available from Narita International Airport to Narita Shinshoji Temple

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