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Free! Experience Japanese calligraphy in Tokyo

A calligraphy workshop will take place in Kitasenju, a town in northern Tokyo. The teacher will help you to handwrite Japanese characters with the technique of Shodo, the Japanese calligraphy.

Kansha "Gratitude"

Come and join us to enjoy calligraphy

This hands-on workshop is open to foreign residents and students living in Japan. Also, international tourists are all welcomed. The necessary items to enjoy the writing (Paper, Fude brushes etc.) are provided, for free. A volunteer English/Japanese translator will be there for help. During the session, you can come and join anytime as you like.

Ai "Love"

The workshop is held at the public community centre "Adachi-ku Lifelong Learning Center" located in Kitasenju, a town having a friendly atmosphere. Kitasenju has a large hub-station with easy access from/to major stations in central Tokyo. Kitasenju is also easily accessible by bus from both Narita and Haneda international airport, and the town is getting a popular place to stay among budget tourists. If you plan to visit Tokyo on a trip, why not come to Kitasenju and take this opportunity to make your stay more fun!

Calligraphy salon for foreigners

Date & Time: March 16th(Sat) 2019

From 10:00 AM to 1:00PM
Adachi-ku Lifelong Learning Center (Shogai Gakushu Center) at Manabi Pia 21 Building on the 5th Floor
5-13-5 Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Things to bring: None
Fees: Free

How to get there

Getting to Kitasenju from central Tokyo by train
* Kitasenju Town is in Adachi-ku of Tokyo 23 Wards.
9-min ride from Ueno Station to Kitasenju Station (Hibiya Subway Line)
12-min ride from Akihabara Station to Kitasenju Station (Hibiya Subway Line)
35-min ride from Roppongi Station to Kitasenju Station (Hibiya Subway Line)

Adachi-ku is in B Area

Getting to Adachi-ku Lifelong Learning Center 生涯学習センター
15-min walk from Kitasenju Station 北千住駅 (West Exit) on the JR Line, Tobu-sen Line, and Tsukuba Express Line 東武線・つくばエクスプレス

25-min walk from Senjuohashi Station 千住大橋駅 on Keisei Line 京成線

On the way to Adachi-ku Lifelong Learning Centre, there is a small tourist information office (Michino-eki) where you can get information on Kitasenju, guide maps and leaflets. The office (An old small house) is on the Shukubamachi Road (In front of a hotel)
Google Maps: Kitasenju Michinoeki Tourist Information Office

Adachi-ku Lifelong Learning Centre is a public facility in the building "Manabi Pia 21" standing on the Arakawa Riverside.
Google Maps: Adachi-ku Lifelong Learning Center

The first and second (Ground and first) floors are the library, and the workshop is held in a room on the 5th floor. If you have difficulty in finding the room, ask someone for help on the 5th or 4th floor, with saying;
"Shodo Taiken ni kimashita. Doko-de shouka"
(I came here to join the calligraphy workshop. Where is the workshop room?)