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Rugby world cup 2019 Japan Stadium Location Map

Oita Stadium

Oct.19(Sat) England vs Australia - Quarter finals
Oct. 20(Sun) Wales vs France - Quarter finals

Oct. 2 (Wed)
New Zealand vs Canada - Pool B

Oct. 5 (Sat)
Australia vs Uruguay - Pool D

Oct. 9 (Wed)
Wales vs Fiji - Pool D

Oct. 19 (Sat)
Pool C1vs Pool D2

Oct. 20 (Sun)
Pool D1vs Pool C2

New Zealand







Travel tips

The information here, including the maps, is  just for reference. The travel routes and times will vary depending on weather conditions, or something unexpected happens. Consider extra time to add when planning your travel.

Where about is the Pota Stadium, and how do I get there?
Oita Stadium is located in Oita prefecture, the south region of Japan. The stadium is about 35 to 45 minutes by bus from the bus stop (No.3 or 6) near JR Oita Station (North Exit).

To reach JR Oita station, take the Tokkyu Sonic Express heading from JR Kokura Station in Fukuoka. JR Kokura Station is on the Shinkansen bullet train line. Remember there are two stations written in the same Japanese letters "小倉", which are called "Kokura" or "Ogura". Ogura is in Kyoto, and Kokura is in Fukuoka. You are to take the Kokura station in Fukuoka.

JR Rail Pass holders, planning to take the Shinkansen bullet train to reach JR Kokura Station by way of Oita station, should remember that the pass cannot be used for travel on the train "Mizuho" and "Nozomi".

Is there an airport in the area?
Oita prefecture has an airport called Oita Aiport , is about 60 minutes by bus from JR Oita station.

Average Time of Sunrise/Sunset and Temperatures

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Oita Stadium


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