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Boxing Match WHO'S NEXT | Jul. 1, 2023

WBO Asia Pacific Super Flyweight Title Match 12 Rounds
Japan Flyweight Title Match 10 Rounds

WHO'S NEXT Boxing Match

July 1st(Sat) 2023

Opening at 17:30
Match starts at 18:00

Venue: Korakuen Hall (5F) in Tokyo Dome City

WBO Asia Pacific Super Flyweight Title Match 12 Rounds

Kenta Nakagawa (Champion) VS Joe Shiraishi (9th-ranked Challenger)

Japan Flyweight Title Match 10 Rounds

Josuke Nagata (Champion) VS Jukiya Iimura (6th-ranked Challenger)

Organizer: K.K. DANGAN
For detailed info about the matches, see the official website.

Advance and same-day tickets are sold at the ticket office in the Korakuen Hall's building.

Korakuen Hall

Korakuen Hall

Korakuen Hall is a multi-purpose hall near Tokyo Dome Baseball Stadium in TOKYO DOME CITY. The Korakuen Hall is famous as a site for martial arts and has witnessed numerous legendary matches of wrestling and boxing. You can witness thrilling matches up close as the ring is situated very close to the audience.

If you're a tourist in Tokyo and looking for a great place to visit, consider heading to Tokyo Dome City. This location boasts numerous restaurants, including the popular Korakuen Hall, making it a top destination for food and entertainment.

TOKYO DOME CITY https://www.tokyo-dome.co.jp/en/tourists/

Getting there
3-min walk from Suidobashi Station (West Exit) on JR Sobu Line.
(2 stops from Akihabara Sta., and next to Ochanomizu Sta.)
5-min walk from Korakuen Station (Exit No.2) on Tokyo Metro Marunouchi/Nanboku Line