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Traditional Japanese Martial Art Performance Ceremonies at Kashima-jingu Shrine
Jun.11, 2023

Built in 660, Kashima-jingu Shrine is one of the greatest three shrines in the greater Tokyo area, has been dedicated to the god of martial arts. The ceremonies include the performance of Kobudo demonstrations and Momoteshiki Samurai Archly.

Traditional Japanese Martial Art Performance Ceremonies
鹿島神宮 古武道演武会

June 11th(Sun) 2023
Location : Kashima-jingu Shrine, Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture

YouTube by Ibakira TV
Kashima City Guide : https://youtu.be/Ha5nStIWgSc
YouTube by Ibaraki Shinbun
Kobudo demonstrations : https://youtu.be/zxYQ_EKzwV0
YouTube by Yobarekka
Momoteshiki Samurai Archly : https://youtu.be/66wlqtYaISU

Getting there
An express bus called "JR Kosoku Buss Kashima-go" runs between JR Tokyo Station and Kashima-jingu Shrine. The bus departs from the bus terminal about every 10 minutes, and this is the quickest and easiest way to reach Kashima city from Tokyo. The bus ticket is purchased at the office located at Yaesu South Exit of Tokyo station.
JR Bus bound for Kashima-jingu Shrine http://time.jrbuskanto.co.jp.e.wn.hp.transer.com/bk041200_bk041202.html