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Funeral service for dolls (Ningyo Kuyo) at Ueno Kiyomizu Kannondo Temple in Ueno | Sep. 25. 2023

This temple annually holds a funeral service. People take their unwanted dolls to the temple to leave and ask for the funeral ceremony to say goodbye.

In Japan, it has traditionally been said that everything is ensouled, especially dolls. People in Japan feel so guilty about disposing of dolls as garbage that they bring them to a temple/shrine to leave them for the special funeral service.

Funeral service for dolls (Ningyo Kuyo)
東叡山寛永寺清水観音堂 人形供養

September 25th
14:00 -

To receive the service, a donation will be asked

Kiyomizu Kannondo Temple at Ueno Park (Kaneiji temple in Ueno)

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