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Oeshiki Festival at Kishibojin Temple | Oct. 16-18.

The Oeshiki is a Buddhist memorial service on the anniversary of the holy priest Nichiren’s death and is also a festival dedicated to the goddess Kishibojin (Hariti). During the Oeshiki many food stalls line around the temple and thousands of people parade on the streets there.

Oeshiki Festival at Kishibojin Temple
雑司ヶ谷鬼子母神堂 御会式

October 16th - 18th in the evening (from 19:30)
Location: Kishibojin Temple at Zoushigaya (next to Ikebukuro), Toshimaku, Tokyo

Kishibojin Temple

YouTube by RYO HappyGames : https://youtu.be/7bdZAOa_BHc

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