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Safflower Festival in Okegawa city, Saitama
Jun 17 - 18 2023

This is a local event held in Okegawa city, Saitama prefecture. Okegawa is known for safflower fields, rarely seen in the Tokyo area today.

Okegawa, a former post town along the Nakasendo historical highway, literally flourished with the flower of Japanese safflower or Benibana production. Although Okegawa city today has developed as a residential town in Saitama prefecture, it remains old Japanese buildings along the road and the safflower fields are still the city's attraction.

Okegawa Safflower Festival

Date: June 17th(Sat) and 18th(Sun) 2023
9:30 - 15:00
Venue: Shiroyama park in Okegawa city, Saitama prefecture

Admission free.
Paid for hands-on experiences: Flower picking, dyeing workshop and others.

Official website by Okegawa Tourist Association

Shiroyama park (PDF)

Getting there from JR Okegawa station JR桶川駅西口 on Takasaki/Utsunomiya Line
(By bus)
From West Exit of JR Okegawa Station, take the Tobu bus bound for Kawagoe station 川越駅行き, then get off at the stop Kawataya-shisho. 川田谷支所. 2-min walk.
(By bus)
Take a route bus Nishi-junkan 西循環 or Sotomawari Tozai -junkan 外回り東西循環, then get off at the stop Shiroyama-koen Nishiguchi-mae 城山公園西口前 (in front of the west entrance of the Shiroyama-koen park)

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