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Susanoo Shrine Traditional Festival
Jun. 3 and 4. 2023

A traditional festival held at Susano-jinja Shrine in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo. People in the town carry Mikoshi portable shrines and parade in the street around the shrine.

Susanoo-jinja Shrine Tenno Festival

BSusano-jinja Shrine is dedicated to the gods of protection, Susano, and Asuka, and was built in 795. The shrine hosts a vibrant festival that was originally created to ward off evil, such as plagues, that often arise during the hot and humid summer months.

Date: June 3rd(Sat) and 4th(Sat) 2023

(On Jun 1st, the service is held for people concerned only.)

Susano-jinja Shrine, Minami Senju (Near Senju-ohashi Bridge)

Susanoo-jinja Shrine

Getting there
8 mn walk from Minamisenju Station on the JR Joban-sen Line
8 min walk from Minamisenju Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya-sen Subway Line
10 min walk from Minowa Stop on the Toden Arakawa-sen Street Car

Google Maps : Susano-jinja Shrine

Official website
Susano-jinja Shrine