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Tokyo Port Festival - Minato Matsuri
May 20 & 21 2023

In this event, the Tokyo Fire Department will put on a performance to demonstrate firefighting in the air and on the sea.

Tokyo Minato Matsuri Festival

May 20th(Sat) and 21st(Sun) 2023
Location: Harumi Passenger Boat Terminal, Minato-ku, Tokyo 

Admission Free

YouTube by iktonie : https://youtu.be/lPVVoBoM73o

Tokyo Minato Matsuri Festival

Info by GoTokyo

Getting there
Take the Toei bus No.5 bound for Harumi Futo 晴海埠頭 from JR Tokyo Station (Maruniuchi South Exit) OR Ginza Yonchome Sta. OR Kachidoki Sta.
Toei Bus http://tobus.jp/blsys/navi?LCD=e

Google Maps : Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal (Harumi Kyakusen Terminal )