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Tokyo Station (Tokyo Eki) and Marunouchi Buildings

Since the five-year-long restoration completed in October 2012, the Tokyo Station (Tokyo Eki) has “newly” opened with its original look back to 100 years ago.

Along with the restoration, the shopping mall inside of the building has also been redesigned, where luxurious stores sell quality products. Since all of the Shinkansen (Bullet trains) departure from the Tokyo Station, it is nice to take a little time and look around the inside and outside of the station when you visit there on your travel.

In appearance, the red-brick building of Tokyo Station resembles the Amsterdam Central Station in Holland, but, the Tokyo Station building was originally designed by Kingo Tatsuno, a Japanese architect who had designed some modern Japanese buildings in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The designer was maybe inspired from Dutch architectures, or he maybe wanted to create in Dutch taste for some reasons. In fact, the eastern district near Tokyo Station used to be a residence of Jan Joosten, a Dutch adventurer served as a translator and consultant for Tokugawa Shogun in Edo period (n 1600). This area today is called Yaesu, and it derives from the name Jan Joosten (pronounced Yan Yoesten).

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Around Tokyo Station - Marunouchi Area

The area around Tokyo Station is a business district called Marunouchi where fancy restaurants and stores are available not only for business people but also tourists. In Marunouchi district, there are several buildings named "Marunouchi Buildings" that may make you confused if you are to have a meeting with someone at one of those Marunouchi buildings. Make sure your meeting place beforehand.

To find the locations of Marunouchi buildings, you can get a free map at the Marunouchi Building in front of JR Tokyo Station (Marunouchi Central Exit) Or, see their official website.

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