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Furusato Matsuri Festival at Tokyo Dome City | Jan. 12-21 2018

A large event held at Tokyo Dome Stadium. Numerous food stalls from all over Japan gather and serve unique local dishes. The highlight of the festival is traditional performing arts at the stage, including lively folk dance, drumming float parade.

Mame-maki on Setsubun Day

3rd of February
Location: All regions in Japan

Setsubun is a traditional event held every 3rd of February, the day of turning of the season from winter to spring in accordance with the Japanese lunar calendar.

Oedo Antique Market at Tokyo International Forum | Jan.21.2018

A flea market held in front of Tokyo International Forum Building, just one minute away from JR Yurakucho Station in Ginza. 

Ume Plum Flower Festival at Mt.Tsukuba | Feb.14-Mar.21 2018

The plum flower (Ume) festival held Mt. Tsukuba (Tsukubasan). The plum forest is located at 250m high on the Mount Tsukuba has 1000 plum trees and overlook the city of Tsukuba. On a sunny, clear day Skytree in Tokyo or even Mt.Fuji can be seen up there.

Tokyo Marathon | Feb. 25. 2018

Date: February 25th (Sun)  2018
Location: Central Tokyo within 23 wards

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Suisen or Jonquil flower is in season around Tokyo area

3 millions of Suisen flowers are in bloom at Tsumekizaki in Shimoda on the Izu Peninsula.

Chichibu, a region in the greater Tokyo area, rich in history and nature

Lies in the west of Greater Tokyo, within easy access from Central Tokyo, Chichibu is a travel destination favored by people who want to do sightseeing and outdoor recreation on the weekend.

Free Admission Observation Decks in Tokyo

Having scenic views from top of high-rise buildings is one of tourist attractions in Tokyo. In winter, we don’t have much rain and the humidity is low in Tokyo, the sky is so clear that it allows you to overlook the city into the far distance. In all seasons, it allows you to see Mount Fuji from Tokyo on clear days, however, Mount Fuji can most clearly be seen in winter, as well as looking beautiful as it is covered with white snow.

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum in Shirokane

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum in Shirokane

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum in Shrokane is a former residence of an imperial prince, built in the Art Deco style featured with overall exquisitely crafted interiors.

Attractions in Narita City | Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Narita International Airport, a gateway to Japan for travelers by air, is formerly known as Tokyo New International Airport although its actual location is in Narita city, Chiba prefecture. Soon after arriving at the airport, most of the travelers instantly leave for Tokyo and chances are that Narita city is still off the beaten track for international tourists.

Attractions in Southern Izu (Minami Izu)

When it comes to traveling to Izu peninsula, the featured areas as a destination are always the eastern or the central areas, sometimes the western area. Don’t forget the southern area, having many places where you can discover the real charm of Izu.

Guide to Odawara City and Odawara Castle

Odawara, the city known for the gate way to Hakone resort area, is a castle-town having a glorious history back to Samurai era over 550 year ago. Don’t miss out on visiting Odawara where you will find things to see and do, including Samurai and Ninja costuming.

Toden Streetcar Tour of Tokyo Neighborhoods

Toden Arakawa-sen(line) is a streetcar system that is served between the historic neighborhoods Waseda and Minowa in the northern area of Central Tokyo. There are various attractions along the tramline, such as Japanese gardens, temples, and old shopping streets

Cycling in Tokyo | Riverside Cycling Routes

A bicycle is so a convenient vehicle indeed. It is eco-friendly and helps saving money on train or bus fares. Although there are some hilly towns within the 23 wards of Tokyo, such as Shibuya, Roppongi, Shinjuku (Kagurazaka), Kanda, and Yanaka, most of the 23-ward areas, especially in the eastern areas, are flatland where people can enjoy cycling.

Outlet Shopping Malls in Tokyo and surrounds

A number of large outlet malls have opened around Kanto region and many of them are located in a resort area or popular tourist spots.



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