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Introduction to Tokyo

Tokyo, the name of the modern capital city of Japan

Tokyo should be considered in the same tourist destination of world class international cities like Paris, London and New York. Tokyo is the financial, political and commerce heart of Japan. While the pace of the city can be overwhelming, we will show the quiet,tranquil side of this great city. The city was historically referred to as Edo. In 2003, celebrated the 400th birthday of Tokyo. 

Tokyo has an incredible variety of museums, galleries, shrines and temples to keep you preoccupied for many days. In the city of Tokyo there is a wide spectrum of places to visit, from the very distinguished Imperial Palace, home of the Emperor and past shogunates, the legendary Tokyo Tower, and Tokyo Sky Tree, the new landmark of Tokyo. 

And within Tokyo, like many other capital cities of Asian countries with a long history, there is historic neighbourhoos, revealing glimpses of vanishing traditional Japanese culture. And please do not forget to visit the Hakone resort area outside Tokyo, showcasing the splendour of Mount Fuji.

General Information for the prefecture of Tokyo

Country :

Japan (Nippon)
General information for the country of Japan 

Region :  

Kanto region
Maps and City Guides of Tokyo


23 special wards 
26 cities
5 towns
8 villages 
11 islands 

Maps and City Guides of Tokyo


Approx. 2,190 km2


Approx. 13,740.000

National Language:

Japanese (Nihongo)

Water, Tipping:

Drinkable tap water is available throughout Japan 
Has No custom of tipping


Voltage: 100V Utility frequency:: 50Hz

Emergency Calls:

Police 110
Fire 119
Ambulance 119

Tokyo Metropolitan Government