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It allows to do search with keywords in roman letters (e.g Shinjuku, Ueno)

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Tokyo Subway Route Search


JR East

To find about JR Lines in Japan, see this webpage

Keio Line

Tobu Railway

Keisei Line (Keisei Dentetsu)

Seibu Railway

Tokyu Line (Toukyou Kyukou)

Keikyu (Keihin Dentetsu)

Odakyu Line

Tsukuba Express

Subway Lines

Tokyo Metro

Toei Subway

Local Bus

Toei Bus

Kokusai Kogyo Bus (Japanese website)

Tobu bus (Japanese website)

Seibu Bus (Japanese website)

Keio Bus (Japanese website)

Nishi Tokyo Bus (West Tokyo Bus) (Japanese website)

Keisei Bus website)

Kanto Bus (Japanese website)

Odakyu Bus (Japanese website)


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