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Attractions in the western Izu area - Area C

Area C has lovely little beaches along the rias coastline, having Bonsai-like tiny islands covered with pine trees. From the headlands there, it allows visitors to enjoy a distant view of Mt.Fuji or the sunset across the water on a clear, sunny day. Walking trails are provided along the coastline with scenic views, with 2- or 3-hour strolls.

Since the public transport available in this area is only buses, much fewer people visit this area than in area A. This area has economical inns (Minshuku) in quiet surroundings, offering a hot spring retreat and a fresh seafood dinner/breakfast.


Dougashima Cruise

Norihama Beach, Dougashima (Western Izu)

Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park

Numazu City 沼津市

JR Tokyo Station 東京 (Shinkansen Kodama bullet train Appox.1 hour) --to-- Mishima Station 三島 (JR Tokaido-honsen Line 6 min.) --to-- Numazu Station 沼津

Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park (Numazu Goyoutei)
Getting there by bus
From the bus terminal at Numazu Station South Exit, take a bus (Izu Hakone Bus) and get off at the bus stop "Goyoutei-mae 御用邸前" (15 min ride)

Heda Town 戸田

Numazu Station South Exit (Tokai Bus bound for Nishiurasen 西浦線 Approx. 90 min.) --to-- the bus stop 'Heda 戸田'

Toi Onsen Town 土肥温泉

Shuzenji Station 修善寺駅 (Tokai Bus bound for Dogashima 堂ヶ島 51 min.) --to-- the bus stop "Toi Onsen 土肥温泉"
https://www.toi-annai.com/ (Japanese website)

Nishiizu City 西伊豆市


Nishiizu Tourist Association

https://www.nishiizu-kankou.com/ (Japanese website)

Kogane Cape 黄金崎
Shuzenji Station (Tokai Bus bound for Dogashima 堂ヶ島 or Matsuzaki 松崎 1 hr 15 min.) --to-- the bus stop "Koganezaki Crystal Park"
10-min walk from the bus stop

Dogashima / Dogashima Cruise 堂ヶ島遊覧船
Shimoda Station on the Izukyuko Line 下田駅 (Tokai Bus bound for Dogashima 堂ヶ島(西伊豆町) 60 min.) --to-- the bus stop "Dogashima"
1-min walk from the bus stop "Dogashima"
https://izudougasima-yuransen.com/ (Japanese website)

Geo Parks in Western Izu


Kogane Cape (Koganemisaki) - YouTube by KIRIKIRIMUGI

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