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Attractions in Central Izu (Nakaizu Izu Area) - Area B

Just like the area A, the area B is also a region having luxury resorts. The most popular hot-spring resort in area B is Shuzenji 修善寺, an old town grew up around a historical temple Shuzenji Temple 修禅寺. Shuzenji is known for its beauty with bamboo gardens, Ume (plum) flowers in spring, and the Japanese maple forest turning red in autumn. A transit point to go to Shuzenji by Izu-Hakone Railway is Mishima station in Mishima city, having a historical shrine called Mishima-taisha Shrine, formerly worshiped by leaders of Samurai.


Mishima city 三島市

- From JR Tokyo Station 東京 to Mishima Station 三島 : 45 min. by Shinkansen Hikari bullet train
- From JR Tokyo Station to Mishima Station 60 min. by Shinkansen Kodama bullet train

Mishima-taisha Shrine 三嶋大社
12-min walk from JR Mishima Station
7-min walk from Mishima Station on the Izuhakone Railway
http://www.mishimataisha.or.jp/ (Japanese website)

Rakujuen Garden 楽寿園
3-min walk from JR Mishima Station (Sounth Exit)

Shuzenji Onsen Resort Town 修善寺

*There is a 10-min-bus-ride distance between Shuzenji Station and Shuzenji resort area
- From JR Tokyo to Shuzenji Station 修善寺: Approx. 2 hours by Odoriko Express bound for Shuzenji
- From Shinjuku 新宿 to Shuzenji Onsen Resort 修善寺温泉 : 2 hours and 35 min. by Kousoku Express Bus departs from Shinjuku Station 新宿駅
36 mins from Mishima Station 三島 to Shuzenji Station 修善寺 by Izu-Hakone Railway 伊豆箱根鉄道

Shuzenji Temple 修禅寺
http://shuzenji-temple.com/ (Japanese website)

Izu-Nagaoka Onsen Resort 伊豆長岡

From Mishima Station 三島 to Izu-Nagaoka Station 伊豆長岡: 23 min. by Izu-Hakone Railway

Panorama Park 伊豆の国パノラマパーク
15 min. by bus from Izu-Nagaoka Station 伊豆長岡 of Izuhakone Railway
http://www.panoramapark.co.jp/ (Japanese website)

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