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Attractions in the southern Izu area - Area D

Area D in the south has many places to go and see, the perfect destination to discover the real charm of Izu. The travel idea here for you is to go up south to the west while enjoying the stunning views of the rias coastline and the rural landscape. Yes, white sandy beaches on the east side of Area D are fantastic. Staying at a family-operated inn in a small village will be an unforgettable experience, making you feel at home, with some nostalgia.

The western coast viewing from Matsuzaki

Iwachi Onsen Beach

Kumomi Onsen Beach

Perry road in Shimoda

Kawazu Nanadaru Seven Falls

Kawazu Loop Bridge


Irozaki Cape

Kawazu Town 河津町

From Atami Station 熱海 to Kawazu Station 河津 : 1 hour and 15 min. by Ito-sen + Izukyuko Line (usually connected)

Kawazu Nanadaru Seven Waterfalls 河津七滝
From Kawazu Station 河津駅 to the bus stop Mizutare 水垂 : 35 min. by Tokai bus bound for Shuzenji 修善寺
*Though the nearest bus stop to the waterfalls is “Kawazu Nanadaru”, it is recommended that you get off at the bus stop 'Mizutare 水垂' to walk down the walking path along the river to see all the waterfalls (except for Oh-daru waterfall). Going to Mizutare bus stop also allows you to cross go over the Kawazu Loop Bridge by bus.

https://www.nanadaru.com/ (Japanese website)

Shimoda 下田

- JR Tokyo Station (Shinkansen Kodama bullet train 50 min.) -to- Atami Sta. (Ito-sen + Izukyuko Line (connected) 1 hour 40 min.) -to- Izukyu Shimoda Station 下田
- JR Tokyo Station (Odoriko-go Express 2 hour 36 min.) --to-- Izukyu Shimoda Station 下田


*Buses for tourist spots in southern Izu depart from the bus terminal in front of Izukyu Shimoda Station
*There is a tourist information office at Izukyu Shimoda Station

Minami Izu Town

For the public transportation in Minami Izu town, bus services are provided. The buses depart from the bus terminal at Izukyu Shimoda Station.

Minami Izu Tourist Association

Irozaki Cape / Irozaki Lighthouse 石廊崎 / 石廊崎灯台

Izukyu Shimoda Station 下田 (Tokai Bus bound for Irozaki 40min.) --to-- the bus stop "Irozaki Mitanoguchi 石廊崎港口"
3-min. walk from the bus stop
*It is so windy around Irozaki.
YouTube by roundsound64 : http://youtu.be/Z6vtnrrPJJk
Irozaki Cruise: http://izu-kamori.jp/izu-cruise/route/irouzaki.html

Ishimuro-jinja Shrine 石室神社
Ishimuro-jinja lies near Irozaki lighthouse at Irozaki lighthouse
https://izugeopark.org/geosites/irojinja/ (Japanese webpage)

Irozaki Cruise 石廊崎クルーズ
3-min walk from the bus stop "Irozaki Mitanoguchi 石廊崎港口"
The boarding point is close to the Irozaki lighthouse
http://izu-kamori.jp/izu-cruise/route/irouzaki.html (Japanese webpage)

Aiai-misaki Cape at Oku-Irozaki (Innermost Irozaki Cape) 奥石廊崎あいあい岬
Izukyu Shimoda Station 下田 (Tokai Bus bound for Nakagi or Kichijo 中木・吉祥 48min.) --to-- the bus stop "Ai-aiI Misaki 愛逢岬"
* The bus for Aiai-misaki runs only a few twice a day to get there, and back.
**Approx. 3 km from Irouzaki to Aiai-misaki cape
https://www.town.minamiizu.shizuoka.jp/docs/2013031200552/ (Japanese webpage)

Hirizo Beach diving spot ヒリゾ浜
Reachable only by boat from Nakagi 中木 (The boat service is avaialbe from July to September)
Besides, the bus runs only a few times a day to get Nakagi and back.
https://www.minami-izu.jp/?p=we-page-entry&spot=11366&cat=18734&pageno=3&type=list (Japanese webpage)

Matsuzaki Town 松崎町

In Matsuzaki town, there is a bus terminal of Tokai Bus Service.
Izukyu Shimoda Station (Tokai Bus bound for Dogashima 堂ヶ島 60min.) --to-- the bus terminal "Matsuzaki 松崎"

Muroiwado abandoned quarry 室岩洞
Matsuzaki Bus Terminal (Tokai Bus bound for Kumomi Iriya 雲見入谷 5min.) --to-- the bus stop " Zousenjo 造船所バス停”
10-min walk from the bus stop
All the lights inside of the cave are turned off at 5:00 PM. Be sure NOT to go inside after 4:30PM
It is strongly recommended you go there in a group,

Iwachi Onsen Beach 岩地温泉
Matsuzaki Bus Terminal (Tokai Bus bound for Kumomi Iriya 雲見入谷 5min.) --to-- the bus stop " Zousenjo 造船所バス停”
YouTube by aki1aky : https://youtu.be/Zi5mvlPupZc

Kumomi Onsen 雲見温泉

A hot spring / beach town, having many family-operated inns. To stay at these inns, advance booking is essential as a dinner is included in their service. Remember you can hardly find restaurants or even a glossary store there.

Izukyu Shimoda Bus Terminal 下田 (Tokai Bus bound for Dogashima 堂ヶ島58 min.) –to-- Matsuzaki Bus Terminal 松崎 (Tokai Bus bound for Kumomi Iriya 雲見入谷 15min.) --to-- the bus stop " Kumomi Onsen 雲見温泉”
http://kumomikankou.com/ (Japanese website)
YouTube by funnyface093 : https://youtu.be/v6krps3XNok

Eboshi-yama Mountain 烏帽子山
Eboshi-yama is a rock mountain lies beside the Kumomi beach. In Japanese mythology, the princess “Iwanaga-hime”, the mountain god of Eboshi-yama, is an older sister of the princess “Konohano-sakuya-hime”, the mountain god of Mt.Fuji. As the both mountains themselves are of the Sengen Shrine, a shrine pavilion lies on the top of Eboshi-yama in the same way as Mt.Fuji. Though Eboshi-yama is a small mountain with a height of 160m, it is challenging to climb up to the top. On a sunny day, you will enjoy a splendid view of Mt.Fuji up there. Remember not to say “Mt.Fuji is so beautiful” on the Eboshi-yama, otherwise, the princess of Eboshi-yama gets jealous and might drop you off….is what it says in the myth.

It takes about 25-min walk to climb up to the top. The path starts from the road near the beach.
Youtube by windmind4 : https://youtu.be/cHyfd4Z8yA8

Senganmon 千貫門
Approx. 30-walk from Kumomi Onsen Town. It is rather hard to find the path leading to Senganmon site.
YouTube by Miyazaki Shinichi : https://youtu.be/MhP8UuOuT8g

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