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Attractions in the eastern Izu area - Area A

It would surely be a superb escape from busy Tokyo and enjoy a laid-back holiday at the seaside resort, staying in a Japanese Ryokan (inns) with hot spring spas, and having fresh seafood…. Area A is the perfect place for those who wish to do so. Since area A is often featured in guidebooks, it gives an impression that the entire Izu Peninsula is a resort as developed as area A.


Atami City Onsen Resort 熱海

- From JR Tokyo Station to Atami Station : 50 min. by Shinkansen Kodama bullet train
- From JR Tokyo Station to Atami Station : 1 hour 50 min to 2 hours by JR Tokaido-honsen Line

Ito City Onsen Resort 伊東

From JR Tokyo Station to Ito Station : 1 hour 40 min. Odoriko Express
From Atami Station to Ito Station : 22 min. by Ito-sen Line

Omuro-yama Mountain 大室山
From Ito Station 伊東駅 to the nearest bus stop "Shaboten Koen シャボテン公園" : 40 mins. by Tokai bus
Izu Shaboten Zoo

Jogasaki Kaigan 城ヶ崎海岸
25-min walk from Jogasaki Kaigan Station.

Higashiizu City 東伊豆市

From JR Tokyo Station to Izu-Inatori Station 伊豆稲取駅 in Higashiizu city : 2 hours and 25 min. by Odoriko Express
From Ito Station 伊東 to Izu-Inatori Station 伊豆稲取 : 45 min. by Izukyuko Line

Atagawa Tropical & Alligator Garden 熱川バナナワニ園
1-min walk from Atagawa Station of Izukyuko Line
Go upstairs in front to the station on the mountain side

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