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Unique Modern Art Museum in Tokyo | The Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum

There are major traditional art museums in Tokyo and they are certainly worth visiting once. However, traditional art is only a part of the history of Japanese art and you should also be aware of the modern arts in Japan as well.

Taro Okamoto, a pioneer of Japanese modern art

There are several Japanese artists who are the pioneers in modern art and one of my favorite artists is Taro Okamoto. Mr.Okamoto is well known as the artist who built the Tower of the Sun in the Symbol Zone at the Expo '70 held in Osaka in 1970. He is so famous not only for his great works but also for his unique character. Maybe Taro Okamoto himself is a work of art.

It is hard to explain his uniqueness in writing and I wonder what adjectives I can use - powerful, passionate, explosive, lovely, heart-warming, pure...hmmm I don't know. Maybe, only his works can speak for themselves.

Myth of Tomorrow By Taro Okamoto at the Shibuya station

The Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum is in Aoyama and was his former studio. If you are planning to visit the Nezu Institute of Fine Arts to see Japanese traditional arts, or shop in the Omote-sandou and Harajuku area, consider dropping in at this museum to see his unique works.

Taro Okamoto Memorial Musem website 

Nezu Institute of Fine Art - http://www.nezu-muse.or.jp/
Google Maps - Aoyama District

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Taro Okamoto Museum Of Art, Kawasaki Japan 
Here's another museum that has works of Taro Okamoto, but it is not in Tokyo but in Kawasaki, in the Kanagawa prefecture. The website of this museum introduces the life and work of Taro Okamoto

Getting there:
17-min walk from Mukogaoka Yuen Station 向ヶ丘遊園駅 on the Odakyu-sen Line 小田急線
40-min train ride from Shinjuku to Mukogaoka Yuen. (20-min ride by Kyuko Express)
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/PrQhu9zYqYP2