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Finding hidden gems in Ueno: Bonsai center

Ueno is a sightseeing attraction in the northern part of downtown Tokyo. Since it is easily accessible from Asakusa, considered as one of the most popular sightseeing attractions in Tokyo, many tourists also visit Ueno in their travels around Tokyo.

 In Ueno, there is a large park originally part of the precincts of the Kaneiji Temple that was part of the Tokugawa Shogun's family temple during the Edo period. Currently, Ueno Park consists of a combined national museum, science museum, art museum and Zoo! Ueno Park is always crowded with many visitors, where people who come to Ueno tend to visit only these attractions in Ueno park, but there are many other interesting B-Movie Style of Nearby Attractions.

For example, there is a place called Ueno Green Club. If you have interests In Bonsai (or Bonzai), then you will like the Ueno Green Club. Ueno Green Club is a place where Bonsai exhibitions are held. The office of the official Japan Bonsai Association is also in this same building. The building is not so big, though, and Bonsai exhibitions are often held during the weekend. Everybody is welcomed to enjoy beautiful Bonsai.

In the next building, there is an open-air space selling Bonsai plans and supplies where you can look around freely.

The open-air Bonsai market. You can go inside freely. It is fun just looking around.

Bonsai is getting popular among young Japanese

When I visited there, I saw a young boy in hip-hop style buying a Bonsai plant and listening to the shop attendant explaining how to take care of Bonsai so diligently.

Bonsai supplies
They handle Bonsai supplies as well as plants. You might not be able to easily find these unique Bonsai supplies at gardening shops in your country. Besides, if you do find supplies in your hometown, they would be very expensive.

Ueno Green Club (Japan Bonsai Kumiai Association)
Address: 3-42 Ueno Koen Taito-ku Tokyo
Open: (Open air market) From 10:00 to 17:00pm Closed: Wednesday

Ueno Green Club is located at the edge of Ueno park near Ueno Aquarium.

Most of exhibitions are admission free. However, it occasionally charges for special exhibitions. Admission for Open-air Bonsai market is free.

Getting there
3 minute walk from Nezu Station (Exit 2) of Chiyoda Subway Line. 15 minute walk from JR Ueno Station.