Tokyo Heritage Weeks (Tokyo Bunkazai Week)

Tokyo Heritage Weeks (Tokyo Bunkazai Week 東京文化財ウィーク) is a special time for Tokyo citizens giving them an opportunity to get closer to their cultural heritage, that still exists in Tokyo. So everybody is aware of the importance of the preservation of their heritage.

These special weeks are set every year and are usually held from October 1st to November 30th, come with cultural events such as exhibitions, walking tours, lectures are held throughout local areas in Tokyo.


As these events are basically for Tokyo citizens, unfortunately, no real language or translation help is available for travelers who are non-Japanese speakers. Besides, it is too hard to find where these events are being held. However, if you understand basic Japanese, or have friends who speak Japanese, it will give you a good opportunity to find heritages that you can rarely see.

Detailed information can be found on a guidebook issued by Tokyo Metropolitan Government, available at public facilities including libraries. Or, further information is available from this web page (Japanese)

Tokyo Metropolitan government Division of Lifelong Learning


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