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Enjoy Yuzuyu at Sento in Tokyo

In Japan, there is a traditional custom which is to take a Yuzuyu bath ゆず湯, or Hot Citron Bath on the day of the winter solstice (21 or 22 of December), and Sento 銭湯 (Public Bathing Facilities) in Tokyo offer special Yuzuyu bath on that day.

In 2023, the winter solstice falls on 22. December, so you will find Sentos offering Yuzuyu on the day.

The winter solstice is called Toji 冬至 in Japanese and there are some traditional customs to do on that day, such as eating pumpkins, stewed rice, and Konnyaku こんにゃく. Taking a Yuzuyu bath on the day of the winter solstice is one of those customs, medically meaningful for not to catch a cold and stay healthy during the cold winter.

What’s Yuzuyu?

The Yuzu ゆず is a Japanese citrus fruit similar to lemon, often added to food as a flavor enhancer, where the peel or the juice is used. For Yuzuyu bath, yuzu fruits are put into bathtubs and set afloat. It says the aromatic oil of Yuzu helps keep your skin smooth.

Where and when to take Yuzuyu in Tokyo?

Where and when to take Yuzuyu in Tokyo?
Yuzuyu bath is rarely taken at home these days. Instead, Yuzuyu bath is offered on Toji day at Sento (Public Bathing Facilities) in Tokyo. The date of Yuzuyu bath offered at Sento may vary depending on the Sento you go, but it should be on the day of the winter solstice, 21 or 22 of December. There is usually no extra fee required for the special bath other than regular fees.

*More than 90% of Sentos will offer Yuzuyu bath, but some Sentos will not offer.

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