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Kasai-Rinkai Park (Kasai Seaside Park)

Kasai Rinkai Park

Kasai-Rinkai Park in Tokyo, known for the largest aquarium and a view of the Tokyo bay down from the Ferris wheel, has more to see and have fun. If you visit the park in spring, don't miss the yellow flowers blooming along the seaside, as well as cherry blossoms.

A seaside park along Tokyo Bay

From central Toyo, take the Keiyo-sen train running along the Tokyo bay, heading east to Tokyo Disney Land. On the way there, you will see a large greenery area by the seaside, the Kasai-Rinkai Park. The park has various facilities such as the aquarium "Tokyo Sea Life Park" and a Ferris wheel, both of which are the largest in Tokyo. The sea bird sanctuary in the park is the place for photo enthusiasts wanting to take the best shots early in the morning. People on a picnic just come to relax on the grass or enjoy family fishing.

Kasai-Rinkai Park also has gardens filled with seasonal flowers. In spring, the park gets crowded with people coming to enjoy sakura viewing and have a BBQ. Don't worry. The park still has plenty of places to stay away from crowds and enjoy strolling.

Nanohana flower field in Kasai Rinkai Park
Yellow flowers (Nanohana) bloom at the Observation field. The season of Nanohana is around mid. March to mid.April.

Tokyo Sea Life Park

Most people actually come to Kasai-Rinkai Park to visit this aquarium, one of Tokyo's most popular attractions. On the way to the entrance, you will see many kids walking in excitement, smiling at mum and dad holding hands.

Kasai-Rinkai Park (Kasai Rinkai Kouen)

The highlight of Tokyo Sea Life Park is the exhibition of pacific bluefin tuna. Watching at the tuna, you might think the fish is much larger than expected, makes you feel you cannot resist taking pictures to show friends on social media.

If you want to avoid a crowded time, especially on weekends, it is advisable to visit in the morning. (Opens at 9:30 AM). Remember, it gets crowded in spring during the season of sakura viewing.

Tokyo Sea Life Park
Pacific bluefin tuna

A "Park Train " runs in the park about 3.1km with a 25-min ride to show around the area, which will be an attraction for kids. Taking this train also helps you only a little walk to look around in this large park.

Kasai-Rinkai Park

Too bad, the facilities in the park are not available due to Covid-19 now. However, it allows people to visit and enjoy walking as before. Although it requires visitors to wear a face mask, it will be refreshing to walk around and see the shining water, fresh green, flowers under the blue sky.

Watching an airplane landing at Haneda Airport from Kasai Rinkai Park
Watching an airplane landing at Haneda Airport from Kasai Rinkai Park

Kasai-Rinkai Park (Kasai Rinkai Koen)


The park is open to the public for free.
Admission fees are required for the facilities. (including Park Train)

Map & Directions

By train from JR Tokyo Station.

Take the JR Keiyo Line (JR京葉線 13 min ride) and get off at Kasai-Rinkai Park Station (葛西臨海公園駅) 1 min walk from the station.

The Keiyo-sen Line platform in the JR Tokyo Station is far from the station's central zone, could be a nearly 10-min walk if you change trains from Yamanote Line. Make sure the right direction to the platform before you start going.

By subway line from Otemachi station (大手町)

Take the Tokyo Metro Tozai-sen Line (東西線) and get off at Nishikasai 西葛西駅 OR Kasai Station (葛西)駅. (15 or 17 min ride)
From one of the stations, take a bus bound for Kasai Rinkai Park. (20 min ride)

Kasai-Rinkai Park is also accessible by water bus departing from Odaiba Marine Park (50-minute cruise) For details, see the official website