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Take a little Trip to the Todoroki Keikoku (Valley) in Tokyo

Tokyo is just one prefecture (province) in Japan and its shape is kind of long and slender. The area called the center of Tokyo is not actually located in the center of the prefecture, but in the eastern area composed with 23 districts. In western Tokyo, there are many mountainous areas with beautiful scenery where you can enjoy hiking. However, you might feel it is too far from the central Tokyo and you might have limited time. If you want to enjoy a walk in the forest for the day here's a good place: Todoroki Keikoku in Setagaya-ku (ward).

Todoroki Keikoku is a park and forest in a tiny valley. In Todoroki Park, you will quickly forget the noisy urban streets of Tokyo. You can get there by a small train Ohi line from the Ohi Station, but it is easier to take a bus from a major JR station.In my case, as I wanted to enjoy a long bus trip, I took a bus from JR Tokyo station (Tokyu Bus departing from Marunouchi South Exit No.98). The fare is 210 Yen. Since I was going to stop over for a few times, I bought a one-day ticket that is 510 yen. With that ticket, you can get on / off Tokyu-bus as many time as you want for one day. You can buy the e-ticket* on the bus. *Your IC card (Pasmo or Suica) is required to buy the e-ticket.

When you buy the ticket, just say to the driver: 
" Ichi-nichi Jousha-ken wo kudasai"

The bus travels along some spots in Tokyo, like the Tokyo Tower, Meguro Otori-jinja shrine, Tamagawa-jinja Shrine, you will not get bored by a very nice city tour on the way to Todoroki

From the Tokyo station to Todoroki Keikoku it takes about 1 hour. The bus goes via JR Meguro Station and it takes about 30 minutes from Meguro Station to Todoroki Keikoku.

The bus stop you are to get off at is called Todoroki, one stop before the terminus. Actually, I didn't know where to get off, so I went to the terminus in mistake. But, I could easily walk back there.

From the bus stop, it is only a few minutes walk to Todorki Keikoku. Since train and subway are convenient in Tokyo, Toei-bus is not well known as a good transportation for travelers. However, Toei-bus is a really good way to look around Tokyo. Plus, it is cheap.

Todoroki Keikoku (Valley)http:// www.todoroki.net/ (in Japanese only)
Todoroki.net - Various photographs of Todoroki Keikoku(valley)

Tokyu Bus | No.98 Todoroki 等々力操車所 - Tokyo Station South Exit 東京駅南口