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Green Park of Kawaguchi City (Saitama) : Kawaguchi Green Center

Saitama-ken is a prefecture situated in the north of Tokyo Prefecture. Since Saitama-ken is closed to Tokyo, residential areas in Saitama have dramatically expanded as a dormitory suburb for people working in Tokyo.

IIn the near of those residential areas, it still has small farms growing vegetables and flowers. Angyo 安行 in Kawaguchi City 川口市 is particularly famous for its production of potted plants and flowers, including Bonsai 盆栽. Many Bonsai fans come and visit Angyo even from outside of Japan. Kawaguchi city is promoting greenery environment.

Kawaguchi Green Center

The Kawaguchi Green Center 川口グリーンセンター is a botanical park in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture., one of the places that represent Kawaguchi city’s greenery promotion activities.

In the park, visitors can enjoy various seasonable flowers throughout the year; Plum flowers in February, Sakura flowers in March-April, Wisteria and Azalea are at their best in early May, and Japanese Iris are in full bloom in early June. The unique tropical plants in the large greenhouses are always must-see.

They park also has recreation facilities

In the Kawaguchi Green Center, there are also leisure facilities for kids which include a playground, miniature railway, long slides, and swimming pools (an ice skate rink in winter). As the Kawaguchi Green Center is a public leisure place operated by Kawaguchi city, the admission fees are so reasonable that it is a good to visit for families with small kids.

Kawaguchi Green Center Entrance
Kawaguchi Green Center Park

General Travel Information

Kawaguchi Green Center – Botanical Garden of Kawaguchi-City
Address: 700 Araijuku Oaza Kawaguchi-shi Saitama
Phone: 048-281-2319

Admission: 310 JP Yen for Adult, 100 JP Yen for Child
Swimming pools : 540 JP Yen for Adult 100 JP Yen for Child
Open: 10:00AM to 4:00PM (to 3:00PM in Dec and Jan) 
Closed on Tuesdays (closed on Wednesday if Tuesday is a public holiday).

You are NOT allowed to take / usethe following items inside of the park.
Animals (Except for guide dogs)
Bicycles (There is a parking lot for cars and bikes outside of the park.)
BBQ grills

Getting there : 
Approx 10 min walk from the Araijuku Station 新井宿駅 on the Saitama Railway Line (Saitama Kousoku Tetsudo)
From Kawaguchi Station (East Exit), take a bus bound for Green Center グリーンセンター. The bus stop ath Kawaguchi Sta. is in front of Sogo Department Store. The bus No. is 7. About 25 min ride.