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Tokyo Day Hikes: Mt. Mitake, Ome Town and Akigawa Valley

Akigawa Valley

Go hiking and explore Western Tokyo, the mountain area of Mt. Mitake (Mitakesan), Oume Town and Akigawa Valley. This area has a bunch of attractions; the soothing landscape of nature-rich countryside, historic shrines and temples nestled among trees, scenic rivers with crystal clean water and the mystic mountain worships – all known as the allure of Japan.

These places are good for day hikes. Also, staying at Shukubo temple lodge allows you to enjoy more nature trails. It will be nice to have a soak in the Onsen hot springs after hiking on the way home too.

Where are Mt. Mitake, Ome and Akigawa located?

Mt. Mitake 御岳山 Oume 青梅 and Akigawa 秋川 are located in the western area of Tokyo, about 60Km from Shinjuku in Central Tokyo. Leaving from Shinjuku station, the trains will take you to these places only 60 to 90 minutes by way of Haijima station. Traveling west from Haijima station, the townscape you see out of the train window gradually changes to a serene landscape with mountains.

Mitakesan, Oume, Akigawa Location

In this area along the upstream of the Tamagawa River, one of the largest rivers running through Central Tokyo, and along its tributaries, there is a variety of places to explore and things to do, including camping, canoeing, fishing, rafting as well as walking and hiking.

Mt MitakeA view from Mt. Mitake

The TamagawaRiver, Mitake
The Tamagawa River runs beside of Mitake Station

Where to choose for your holiday, Mt. Mitake-san? Ome? or Akigawa?

For those wanting to hike on nature trails, the choice will be Mt. Mitake. If you want to do walking on the riverside trails or strolling through a town having a rustic atmosphere, Ome or Akigawa is the place to go.

Mt. Mitake (Mitakesan)

Mount Mitake (Mitakesan) is a 929m-high, worshipped mountain where the historic shrine Musashi Mitake-jinja Shrine stands. Mt. Mitake is now known as a popular hiking spot within easy access from Central Tokyo., great for both beginners and experienced hikers. The trails lead up and down the mountain and on the way there are views of waterfalls with fresh water, strange-shaped rocks and mossy bushes. Read more

Mt Mitake (Mitakesan)
Mt.Mitake Cable Car

Mitake Valley

The scenic valley between Ome Station and Mitake Station is called Mitake Valley and is one of the best places to take a leisurely hike in Mitake area. The highlight is the wild flow of the Tamagawa river running through forest mountains. On the river at Mitake Valley, rafting and canoeing can be enjoyed.
Read more

Mitake Valley

Ome (Oume) Town

A historic old town flourished as a post station on the Oume Kaido Road between Ome and Shinjuku which was constructed over 400 years ago, still retains the air of the good old days. Being blessed with nature, there are walking trails on the hills and in the park along the Tamagawa river running through the town. Preserved old houses, museums, temple and shrined dotted in the town are also the attractions there.
Read more - Mitake Valley and Ome town

Oume Town
Kamagafuchi Riverside Park in Ome

Akigawa Valley

Akigawa Valley is a nature-rich countryside just one-hour away by train from Central Tokyo, still, retains a serene atmosphere. Musashi Itsukaichi Station is a starting point for many pleasant rambles around the valley, abounds with things to do and see that includes camping, fishing, Onsen hot springs and visiting historic temples off the beaten path. Read more

Akigawa Valley

Getting to Mt. Mitake, Ome and Akigawa Valley

Mitakesan, Ome and Akigawa Valley Area Map

By train from Central Tokyo

The gateway to Mt.Mitake, Ome, and Akigawa Valley is Haijima station 拝島駅, about 60 minutes by train from Central Tokyo. To reach Haijima station, you can take two trains: one from JR Shinjuku station on the JR Chuo Line (Fare: 483 JPY) and the other from Seibu-Shinjuku station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line. (Fare: 450 JPY) If you take the JR Chuto-sen train to reach Haijima station from Shinjuku, you will need to change trains at Tachikawa station 立川駅.

From Haijima station, you can take local trains heading for the destinations;

Getting to Oume town

Take the Oume-sen train bound for Oume station. (Travel time from Haijima sta. : 18 min. Fare:230 JPY)
* You can also take the Oume-sen train from Tachikawa station 立川駅 on the Chuo-sen Line, a 32-min ride (318 Fare: JPY) between Tachikawa and Oume station.
* A few trains directly going to Oume station from Shinjuku is also served.

Getting to Mt.Mitake and Mitake Valley by way of Ome

To reach Mitake-station 御嶽駅 near the Mt.Mitake area, you are also to take the Oume-sen train, but you need to change the train at Oume station and take another Oume-sen train bound for Okutama which is called “Oume-sen Okutama-Yuki Train 青梅奥多摩行き,” runs every one hour or so. (Travel time between Oume and Mitake station: 17 min. Fare: 178 JPY.

Getting to Akigawa Valley

From Haijima station take the Itsukaichi-sen Line 五日市線 bound for Musashi Itsukaichi station 武藏五日市駅 and get off at the station. (Travel time: 18 min. Fare:230 JPY)

The special express trains run on holidays

The special express trains called "Holiday Kaisoku Okutama-go and Akigawa-go ホリデー快速おくたま号・あきがわ号" are served on Saturdays and holidays. Taking the special train allows you to get from Shinjuku station to Mitake, Oume and Musashi Itsukaichi stations without having to change trains.