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Summer attractions in Tokyo

Tokyo Bay Night Cruises

Enjoy the cool breeze and the marvelous night view of Tokyo

Once the sun goes down and the light starts illuminating Tokyo, it is time to forget the summer heat and enjoy the night life. Here are night cruise services available in Tokyo, from luxurious dinner cruises to budget dinner cruises, in western or traditional Japanese style.

Tokyo Bay Cruising Restaurant "SYMPHONY Cruise"


The cruise service with onboard dining options that include authentic French or Italian full course dinner. The price is between 8,200 JP Yen and 20,600 JP Yen, depending on the dining options. The ship departs from Hinode Passenger Terminal (Hinode Sanbashi). Reservation is required.

Tokyo Bay Cruise "VINGT ET UN"

The cruise service with onboard dining options offers four sets of western cuisine. The price will be between 10,000 JP Yen and 16,000 JP Yen, depending on the dining options. This cruise service is by VINGT ET UN CRUISE in Tokai Kisen Group, which operates ferries bound for Tokyo islands. The ship departs from Takeshiba Passenger Terminal (Takeshiba Sanbashi). Reservation is required.

All-you-can-drink Plan "TOKYO-WAN NOURYO SEN"


The special offer available during summer from July 1st to September 30th. The price is so reasonable that is 2,600 JP Yen per adult. The fare is included in the price. The ship departs from Takeshiba Passenger Terminal (Takeshiba Sanbashi). Reservation is required.

You can book on their website and can make the payment at convenience stores. However, the booking system is available only in Japanese. To make a reservation, it might be better to ask someone for help if you don’t understand Japanese. Or, visit their service counter at Takeshiba Passenger Terminal. The operator is Tokai Kisen Co.,Ltd. Also, remember this ship departs from Takeshiba Passenger Terminal where the VINGT ET UN cruises also depart from. Keep in mind that the terminal gets crowded in summer and try not to wait in a wrong line so you don't miss your cruise.

: Important :

There are two passenger terminals, Takeshiba and Hinode Passenger Terminal. Try not to mix them up and make sure where to take your cruise.

The Hinode Passenger Terminal (Hinode Sanbashi 日の出桟橋) is basically a water bus terminal operated for water transportation around Tokyo Bay. For example, the popular sea bus departing from Asakusa arrives at the Hinode Passenger Terminal. The Takeshiba Passenger Terminal (Takeshiba Sanbashi 竹芝桟橋) is where the ferry for Tokyo Islands (=The Izu Islands) departs and arrives.

The nearest JR train station for both the Hinode and Takeshiba is Hamamatsucho Station 浜松町駅. To get to Hinode Terminal, get out of the Hamamatsucho station from the South Exit. To get to Takeshiba Terminal, get out of the station from the North Exit.


Yakatabune, the dining boat in traditional Japanese style

Yakatabune 屋形船 is a Japanese-style houseboat, has a dining room with a tatami-matted floor where Japanese dishes are served. The Yakatabune cruise has been a popular attraction on summer nights since the Edo period in the 17th to 18th centuries, often drawn in Ukiyo-e woodblock prints particularly known for Utagawa Hiroshige’s work.

Yakatabune cruises are served by boat companies that have boating docks along the Sumidagawa riverside or around the harbor such as Hamamatsucho, Tamachi and Shinagawa, where their Yakatabune boats depart from. They offer set menus that usually include Tempra or those traditional Japanese dishes. Reservation is required.

Tokyo Yakatabune Association
Info on how to use their service (PDF)

Viewing fireworks from Yakatabune
(By Utagawa Hiroshige)

Yakatabune boats and Rainbow Bridge

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