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Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Library

Eastern Tama Area

Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Library is known for its facility Tokyo Magazine Bank. The library is located in Kokubunji City in the Eastern Tama area of Tokyo, has a large green park Musashi Kokubunji-koen Park.

Tokyo Metropolitan Tama holds a large collection of magazines and journals, has expanded its availability of about 17000 titles. It allows visitors to read 6000 of the magazines published within a year. Not only magazines for young people, but numerous children’s books are also available to read on the site. (All books and magazines at this library are not available to borrow)

This library is also an excellent place to visit after or before enjoy strolling in the Musashi Kokubunji-koen Park nearby. In the Edo period, this area used to be a falconry place of the Tokugawa Shogun Families, where it has a path for strolling called "Otaka-no Michi," leading a spring pond.

Getting there

From JR Shinjuku station, take a train on the Chuo-honsen Line or Musashino-sen Line and get off at Nishi Kokubunji Station 西国分寺駅 (About a 33-min ride. Fare: 396 JPY)
The Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Library is about 8 minutes on foot from Nishi Kokubunji Station

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 10:00AM – 21:00 (9:00PM)
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays: 10:00AM – 17:30PM (5:30PM)

Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Library closes on the first Thursday of every month. (If the first Thursday falls on a national holiday, it closes on the second Thursday.) The library also closes irregularly, so check their calendar on the website of Tokyo Metropolitan Library.

Google Maps | Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Library

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Musashi Kokubunji-koen Park by bureau of construction TOKYO METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT

https://www.kensetsu.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/content/000007571.pdf (PDF Page 100)

Musashi Kokubunji Temple and Botanical Garden