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Tokyo Islands | Shikinejima for Onsen and Beach Resorts

A Onsen island with white sandy beaches, or a small island filled with Bonsai, floating in the blue ocean?
Where is the best place to go for you to escape the busy & noisy crowded cities of Japan and have a refreshing vacation? You can choose Onsen hot spring resorts in Hakone, or the Beach resorts in Okinawa? Yes, these famous spots would be great, however, there is another place that you should consider. The Tokyo Islands! small islands very close to downtown Tokyo, where you can find an unique experience in adventurous travel so close and so different from the urban travel experiences of the megalopolis of Tokyo.

Tokyo Islands - It is not well known, though, the Tokyo prefecture includes 219 small islands located in the Pacific oarsman, containing many untouched, natural environments; 11 of those small islands are Onsen (Hot Springs) or beach resort areas known for white sandy beaches and blue waters of the Pacific. The 11 islands are named Oshima, Toshima, Niijima, Shikinejima, Kozushima, Miyakejima, Mikurashima, Hachijojima, Aogashima, Ogasawara-Chichijima and Ogasawara-Hahajima.

Shikinejima Tour

The ships that depart for Tokyo Islands travel from the Tokyo Takeshiba Terminal. We took a high-speed jet boat for Shikinejima island via Oshima and Niijima islands. It takes approx.1 hour and 45 minutes for Oshima, and 2 hours and 50 minutes for Niijima, and approx. 3 hours for Shikinejima.

Heading toward the Pacific Ocean from Tokyo bay you view Odaiba and industrial areas along the shore of Tokyo Bay. The ride of jet-boat is quite similar to its of jet aircraft; a Jet-boat travels much more smoother than ordinary boats. 

Arrives at Shikinejima Island

Arrival at Nobushi Port of Shikinejima Island. Nobushi Port is a tiny port and you find your way around quickly. If you have someone waiting for you at the port, you will instantly find the person. Shikinejima is a small island with an area of 3.9 square km and a population of about 580 people. You can reach the center of the island within 2 or 3 minutes by car. The village is not really big, It only has one traffic light that will allow you to stand or walk on the street, with not many cars passing by.

A view from Shikinejima

The tour started by visiting Nakanoura Beach in the northwest area. On the way there, we viewed scenery that look like traditional Japanese gardens.

Beach in Shikinejima

Approaching the beach we went down a hill and saw white sandy beaches spread out in front of us. And the blue water was shining under the sun. Only a few beaches in Japan have such white sand. The sand at the beaches in Shikinejima consists of silica, having a silver sheen.

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