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Drinkable tap water in Tokyo, Japan

Since I used to have a preconception that tap water in Tokyo is not clean enough to drink and should be boiled once before drinking. Better still, it is safer to buy bottled water at supermarket. However, I was wrong. One day I was reading a paper when I found an article saying tap water in Tokyo is drinkable because of the efforts of Tokyo metropolitan government under the project. 

They sell even bottled Tokyo water which brand name is Tokyo-Sui (東京水) as part of promotion activities.

People living in prefectures far from Tokyo say that "The tap water in Tokyo is not good in taste."

But, I am glad to know that tap water in Tokyo is at least clean to drink directly, without boiling. And, I don't think the taste of tap water in Tokyo is not that bad.

* I am not sure if the tap water that is once tanked is clear enough or tasty.