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Tanbo (Rice Field) is an art

Riding on a bus leaving from Tokyo, while an hour or so is passed, you will see a view of Tambo 田んぼ or rice fields from the bus window, a typical summer scenery can be seen almost everywhere in Japan, in the urban neighborhood, deep in the mountains and even in the small islands.

Tanbo is a part of Japanese culture

Since the scenery of rice fields is so common that most of Japanese used to take it as a nothing-special view. However, it has been recognized that the rice field creates a beautiful landscape which is a part of Japanese culture.

Being tendered with neatness, the rice fields formed in order look beautiful and can be taken as an artwork created on the ground. In addition, the view of rice fields surrounded mountains brings in some kind of nostalgia for Japanese, or maybe for Asian people.

A view of Tanbo in Niigata prefecture. In Summer, you will see these views on the way to your travel destination.

Tanada 棚田 Terraced Rice Field

Shirayone Senmaida in Noto, Ishikawa 白米 千枚田 能登 石川県

In Japan, several types of Tanbo rice fields can be seen and the most popular type is Tanada, a terraced rice field. There are even tours to visit famous Tanada as a sightseeing spot. One of the most popular Tanada is in Notohanto of Ishikawa called Shirayone Senmaida 白米千枚田 meaning “A thousand of white rice fields”.

Travel Information | Shirayone Senmaida
[ How to get there ]
From Tokyo 
Tokyo Haneda Airport [By Air, Aprox. 1 hour ] -> Noto Airport 能登空港
Noto Airport [ By Route bus Approx.30 min.] -> Wajima Ekimase (Wajima Station) 輪島駅前
From Wajima Furatto Houmu Bus Terminal in front of Wajima Staion, take a route bus bound for Ushitsu 宇出津, and get off at Sirayone 白米 bus stop.

Google Maps : Shiroyone Senmaida Noto Ishikawa 

Ishikawa Prefecture - Noto Regional GLAHS Executive Committees 
Map of Noto peninsula 

Noto Airport (Japanese site)
Hokuriku Tetsudo Railway

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Oyama Senmaida in Kamogawa, Chiba 大山千枚田

Not only Ishikawa, a number of terraced rice fields are found in other regions. For people living in Tokyo, Oyama Senmaida in Chiba is familiar.

Travel Information | Oyama Senmaida 
[ How to get there ]
From Tokyo station, there are several lines available to reach Anbokomagawa sta. 安房鴨川駅, where the route bus going for Oyama Senmaida departs from.

From Tokyo Station to Anboukamogawa
Take JR Boso Express Line “Wakashio”(Approx. 2 hours) and get off at Anboukamogawa Station
Take JR Sobu-sen line and change train at Chiba sta, then, take JR Boso-sen line and get off at Anboukamogawa Station. (Total travel time: Approx.3hours)

From the bus terminal in front of Anboukamogawa Station (East exit), take a route bus bound for Hiratsuka Hongo 平塚本郷 or Tokyo-wan Ferry 東京湾フェリー. Get off at Kamanuma 釜沼 Bus Stop (Approx.25 min.) Approx. 20 min. walk from the bus stop. 

Google Maps : Oyama Senmaida, Kamogawa Chiba

Kamogawa Navi - Oyama Senmaida 
Oyama Senmaida Preservation Association (Japanese site) 
Kamogawa city tourist association

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Tanbo Art 田んぼアート in Aomori

Here’s an advanced type of rice fields “Tanbo Art”, developed for tourism promotion. Tanbo Art can also be seen at many places in Japan, and one of the most famous ones is in Aomori prefecture.

No color pigment is used. The "drawing" is all created by cultivating several kinds of rice in different colors, red rice, yellow rice etc.

Tanbo Art in Inakadatemura Aomori

Travel Information | Tanbo Art at Inakadatemura 田舎館村, Tsugaru-gun, Aomori
[ How to get there ] 
There are 2 sites where Tanbo Artworks are exhibited, one is Daiichi (1st) Tanbo Art, and other is Daini (2nd) Tanbo Art. The Daini (2nd ) site is easily accessible by local train Konan Tetsudo line, departs from Hirosaki Station 弘前駅. (Approx. 25 min. ride)

From Tokyo to Hirosaki by train
JR Tokyo Station. - [Tohoku Shinkansen Approx. 3hour 30min.) - Shin Aomori Sta. - [JR Ouu Honsen line. 奥羽本線 Approx. 1 hour 30min.] Hirosaki Sta. 弘前駅.

Inakadate village official site - Tanbo Art (Japanese site) 
Hirosaki Tourism And Convention Bureau

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