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Tsukubasan (Mount Tsukuba) in Ibaraki


The mountains in the suburb of Tokyo and the Kanto region have good hiking trails. Mount Tsukuba or Tsukubasan 筑波山 is one of the best places to enjoy hiking, especially for beginner hikers on a one-day trip from Tokyo.

Located in the southern part of Ibaraki Prefecture, easily accessible from central Tokyo, Mt Tsukuba is a favorite mountain where people can enjoy hiking, sightseeing, and Onsen hot springs. Viewing plum blossoms in early spring and colorful leaves in autumn is another highlight that attracts visitors there.

The Torii gate leading to Mt.Tsukuba

Tsukubasan-jinja Shrine at the foot of Mt.Tsukuba

Mt.Tsukuba has been worshiped for over one thousand years. In the Edo period (1603-1867), Mt.Tsukuba used to be as popular as Mt.Fuji. You can find the mountain depicted in some of Ukiyoe wood prints by the renowned artist Utagawa Hiroshige.

Edohyakkei by Utagata Hiroshige

Tsukubasan is a rocky mountain having double peaks, one is called Nyotaisan (877m), and the other is Nantaisan (871m). There are several hiking courses leading to the mountain top, most of which start from the point near Tsukubasan Shrine (Tsukubasan Jinja 筑波山神社) on the mountainside. The time required to reach the mountain top from Tsukubasan Shrine will be 1.30 or 2 hours. The trail between two peaks, Nyotaisan to Nantaisan, is about a 30-minute walk.

A view from the peak of Nyotaisan.

Being situated in a plain with spacious rice fields, it has a wide-spreading view on the mountain's top. On a clear sunny day, visitors can view the Skytree tower in Tokyo or even Mt.Fuji up there.

The Cable car available from Miyawaki station.

The Ropeway available from Tsutsuji-gaoka station.

For those who like to visit Mt.Tsukuba just for sightseeing, a cable car and ropeway services are available. The cable car station Miyawaki-eki 宮脇駅 is near Tsukubasan Jinja Shrine (on the left side). The ropeway station Tsutsuji-gaoka-eki つつじが丘駅 is near Tsutsuji-gaoka parking lot. For visitors who come by bus, taking a cable car near Tsukubasan Jinja Shrine is convenient. For visitors arriving by car, taking a ropeway from Tsutsuji-gaoka is better.

Infomation Office

If you go to Tsukubasan by bus, it is recommended that you get off at the bus stop Tsukubasan Jinja Iriguchi 筑波山神社入り口 and visit the tourist information office nearby where hiking maps are available for free. The map will help you decide which hiking course to take.

Or this web page by Tsukuba Tourism Association will be helpful.
Mt.Tsukuba Hiking Map by Tsukuba Scenic Railway Co., Ltd.

Getting there

By Tsukuba Express Line (TX) and Kanto Tetsudo Bus

To Tsukubasan Jinja Iriguchi 筑波山神社入り口
*Total Travel time approx.90 min.
*Total Fare 1,945 JPY (One way)
Akihabara Station (Tsukuba Express Line (Kaisoku Express) 50 min. 1,205 Yen) – Tsukuba  Station – (Kanto Tetsudo Bus 40 min. 740 Yen) – Tsukuba Jinja Iriguchi

To Tsutsuji-gaoka つつじヶ丘
*Total Travel time approx.100 min.
*Total Fare 2,105 JPY (One way)
Akihabara Station (Tsukuba Express Line (Kaisoku Express) 50 min. 1,205 JPY) – Tsukuba Station – (Kanto Tetsudo Bus 50 min. 900 JPY) – Tsukuba Jinja Iriguchi – Tsutsuji-gaoka

There is a bus terminal called Tsukuba Center in front of Tsukuba Staion. Take a Bus No.1 bound for Tsutsuji-gaoka.

Tsukuba Center Terminal at Tsukuba Station

Google Maps - Tsukubasan (Mt.Tsukuba)

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Forest Adventure Tsukuba
Forest Adventure is an outdoor facility to enjoy adventure types of sports at the foot of Mt.Tsukuba.
Fees:: Regularr 3800 JP JPY/person, Advanced: 4600 JPY. For details, see their website.
https://www.fa-tsukuba.com/ (Japanese website)

Tsukuba Ume Plum Festival