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Saitama Museum of Rivers, the water recreation for young families on a budget

Yes, it is hot, and, muggy. After the rainy season ended, hot summer comes to Tokyo. Kids are dying to go for water recreation, and you will understand their feeling while mopping your brow. Thankfully, Tokyo and the surrounding area have summer attractions to get relief from the heat, and Kawahaku かわはく or Saitama Museum of Rivers is the one recommended for young families on a budget.

Kawahaku or Saitama Museum of Rivers is a water recreation facility located on the side of Arakawa River in Yorii Town, Saitama Prefecture. Though it is actually a facility to learn about rivers and the history of the Arakawa River, various water attractions are provided, including a large water play park.

What makes this museum so popular is not only the fun activities for kids but also the very reasonable admission fees as a public facility operated by Saitama Prefecture. The entrance fee is 410 JP Yen for an adult, 200 JP yen for a high school student, and free for child under 15 years old. For the Water Play Park available for kids (4 years old or over), 100 JP Yen for a child under 15 years old, 210 JP Yen for a high school student or over. (For details, see their official website)

Getting there from Tokyo

From Tobu Ikebukuro Station 東武池袋駅, take the Tobu Tojo-sen train 東武東上線 (Kaisoku Express 70 min. ) and go to Ogawamachi Station 小川町駅 to change train. From Ogawamachi Station, take the Tojo-sen Line bound for Yorii (Kakueki Local 12 min.) and get off at Hachigata Station 鉢形駅. (Fare: 885 JP Yen)

It is 20 minutes walk from Hachigata Station, (7 minutes by taxi)

Kawahaku is open from April to November and closed on Mondays. Has no days closed in July and August.

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