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Torinoichi Fair

Torinoichi Fair is an open air market selling lucky charms which are called Kumade It's been said that they bring you good fortunes and protect you from misfortunes.

10th(Mon) and 22nd(Sat) Novermber 2014

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Historic Towns in Tochigi

Tochigi prefecture has many spots to enjoy viewing colorful autumn leaves. For one-day tours, the historic district in Tochigi-shi city and Ashikaga city are a nice place to visit, especially for those who want to escape from busy Tokyo on weekends.
Ashikaga Gakko Festival
15(Sat) Nov - 16(Sun), and 21(Fri) - 24(Sun) 2014

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Naritasan Temple

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple is one of the biggest attractions in Narita city, Chiba prefecture, known for Narita International Airport.
Naritasan Autumn Leaves Festival 15th(Sat) - 30nd(Sun) Novermber 2014

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Mt. Mitake and Mitake Valley in Tokyo

Just an hour and a half from central Tokyo, the Mount Mitake and the Mitake Valley area includes a 929-meter-high mountain, one of the oldest shrines in Japan and numerous Shukubo (accommodations for shrine visitors).

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Mt. Tsukubasan with autum leaves

Located in the southern part of Ibaraki prefecture, easily accessible from Tokyo area, Mt Tsukuba has been popular as a mountain where people can enjoy attractions including hiking, sightseeing and Onsen bathing.

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Nikko City and Nikko National Park

During late October to middle November, Nikko will be in the best season to enjoy the beautiful scenery. It will be so crowded during the season, so plan up your travel with that in mind.

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Mizumoto Koen Park with poplar trees

Mizumoto Koen 水元公園 or Mizumoto Park, is the largest park within 23 wards of Tokyo, operated by Tokyo metropolitan government. As Mizumoto Koen is located at the very end of northeastern Tokyo, the park might be familiar only to people who live around the district..

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Cycling in Tokyo | Riverside Cycling Routes

In Tokyo, there are several river banks where cycling routes are provided. No traffic jams, No traffic lights to wait, and the blue sky and the green ground are what you will see there. River banks are a place to relax for Tokyo residents.

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Outlet Shopping Malls in Tokyo and surrounds

A number of large outlet malls have opened around Kanto region and many of them are located in a resort area or popular tourist spots.

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