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Spring Flower Festivals in Tokyo (April-June)

Traditionally in Tokyo temples and shrines are not only a place to pray for happiness but also to do sightseeing for enjoying seasonal flowers. In Tokyo there are historical temples and shrines, have been popular over hundred years,and still attract Tokyoites to this day.

Jindaiji and Jindai botanical gardens

What differs Jindaiji temple from other temples in Tokyo, is that Jindaiji temple is located in a wooded area, abundant with spring water. It is hard to believe that the area is within commuting distance from Shinjuku in the heart of Tokyo.

Free admission on Green Day (Midori-no-hi)

The 4tht of May is Green day (Midori-no-hi), a national holiday in Japan. Some of gardens and facilities operated by Tokyo metropolitan government are available with free admission on that day.

Ushiku Daibtutsu, the world's tallest statue of Buddha

o you often use Narita International Airport? If so, chances are that you have happened to see a little statue standing in the rice fields, from the airplane taking off or landing on. The statue is Ushiku Daibtsu, the tallest bronze statue of Buddha in the world, stands in Ushiku of Ibaraki prefecture, about 38km away from the Narita airport.

Oji, a greenery town with budget-friendly attractions

Oji is an old town located in the north of Tokyo within the 23 special wards, a bit off the circle of JR Yamanote Line. Though Oji is not recognized as a tourist spot, the town actually has many attractions that include includd free or cheap things to do.

Toden Streetcar Tour of Tokyo Neighborhoods

Along the Toden Line there are Sakura viewing spots
Toden Arakawa-sen(line) is a streetcar system that is served between the historic neighborhoods Waseda and Minowa in the northern area of Central Tokyo. There are various attractions along the tramline, such as Japanese gardens, temples and old shopping streets.

Walking in the Nokogiri-yama mountain

Nokogiri-yama 鋸山, or Mt.Nokogiri is a small mountain located in the southern Boso area 南房総 of Chiba prefecture, next to Tokyo, has somewhat warmer climate and hardly ever snow in winter. Though the southern Boso area is known for good beaches and surfing spots, the area also has nice places to enjoy walking as well as sightseeing, and the Nokogiriyama is one of the must-visit places there.

Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum at Koganei Park

Edo-Tokyo Tatemono-en, or Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum is the place where old houses as cultural properties have been restored. This open air museum is located at Koganei Park, known for the Sakura viewing spots.

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Narita City is known for Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, the must-visit sightseeing spot in Japan. From Narita International Airport Station to Narita Station, the closest station to Narita Shinshoji Temple, it takes only 10 minutes by train.

Plan your trip using the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line

"Amazing, it only takes two and a half hours by train." The businessman who often comes to Tokyo from Ishikawa prefecture looked impressed, because it used to take more than four hours before the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line. Indeed, this new bullet train line brings the advantage for business people who appreciate time-saving, and also for tourists who want to travel around the Hokuriku Region and the North Alps area.

Cycling in Tokyo | Riverside Cycling Routes

A bicycle is so a convenient vehicle indeed. It is eco-friendly and helps saving money on train or bus fares. Although there are some hilly towns within the 23 wards of Tokyo, such as Shibuya, Roppongi, Shinjuku (Kagurazaka), Kanda, and Yanaka, most of the 23-ward areas, especially in the eastern areas, are flatland where people can enjoy cycling with no sweat.

Outlet Shopping Malls in Tokyo and surrounds

A number of large outlet malls have opened around Kanto region and many of them are located in a resort area or popular tourist spots.

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