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Events at Sony Building, Ginza Tokyo

Planning to go to Ginza? Just drop by the Sony building to visit Free Exhibitions.
Sky photography - A drone’s eye view of Japan’s stunning scenery. - Ends on May 28th
The Exhibition of historic Sony products and photos embracing its designs - Ends on June 16th

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Traditional flower festivals in Tokyo

In Tokyo, there are historical temples and shrines, have been popular over hundred years,and still attract Tokyoites to this day.

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Sawara Old Town in Chiba

Sawara in Chiba prefecture, is an old town lies in a natural waterway district known for its cherished old townscape.
Japanese Iris Festival is held at The Suigo Sawara Municipal Aquatic Botanical Garden from late May to late June.

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Oji, a greenery town with budget-friendly attractions

The longer they live in Tokyo, they prefer avoiding crowds and look for quaint spots, preferably with free or budget-friendly attractions.

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Travel times between Tokyo and cities in the north of Japan

Tokyo to Sapporo, Hokkaido
By Air : 1 hour 30 min. or By Train : 5 hrs. 35 min.
Tokyo to Morioka, Iwate
By Train : 2 hrs. 15 min.

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Take a little Trip to the Todoroki Keikoku (Valley)

In western Tokyo, there are many mountainous areas with beautiful scenery where you can enjoy hiking. However, you might feel it is too far from the central Tokyo and you might have limited time. If you want to enjoy a walk in the forest for the day here's a good place: Todoroki Keikoku in Setagaya-ku (ward).

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Historic Towns in Tochigi prefecture

Tochigi prefecture has many spots to enjoy viewing colorful autumn leaves. For one-day tours, the historic district in Tochigi-shi city and Ashikaga city are a nice place to visit, especially for those who want to escape from busy Tokyo on weekends.

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Ushiku Daibtsu in Ibaraki

Do you often use Narita International Airport? If so, chances are that you have happened to see a little statue standing in the rice fields, from the airplane taking off or landing on. The statue is Ushiku Daibtsu, the tallest bronze statue of Buddha in the world.

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Cycling in Tokyo | Riverside Cycling Routes

In Tokyo, there are several river banks where cycling routes are provided. No traffic jams, No traffic lights to wait, and the blue sky and the green ground are what you will see there. River banks are a place to relax for Tokyo residents.

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Outlet Shopping Malls in Tokyo and surrounds

A number of large outlet malls have opened around Kanto region and many of them are located in a resort area or popular tourist spots.

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digi-joho Review | Kabuki Face Pack
Want to try out instant Kabuki Cosplay?

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