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Jindaiji and Jindai botanical gardens

What differs Jindaiji temple from other temples in Tokyo, is that Jindaiji temple is located in a wooded area, abundant with spring water. It is hard to believe that the area is within commuting distance from Shinjuku in the heart of Tokyo.

Nikko City and Nikko National Park | Areas and Attractions

Nikko 日光 is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan, introduced by a number of travel guide books. Nikko is actually a general name of the eastern region in Tochigi prefecture which includes Nikko city of Tochigi prefecture and Nikko National Park. Nikko region is divided into 6 areas.

Attractions in Central Izu (Nakaizu Izu Area)

The most popular hot-spring resort in the central Izu area is Shuzenji 修善寺, an old town grew up around a historical temple Shuzenji Temple 修禅寺. Shuzenji is known for its beauty with bamboo gardens, Ume (plum) flowers in spring, and the Japanese maple forest turning red in autumn.

Parks in Tokyo | Mizumoto Koen Park

Location : Katsushika-ku (within Tokyo 23 wards)
Category : Leisure activities, Sightseeing & Strolling
Mizumoto Koen 水元公園 or Mizumoto Park, is the largest park within 23 wards of Tokyo, operated by Tokyo metropolitan government. As Mizumoto Koen is located at the very end of northeastern Tokyo, the park might be familiar only to people who live around the district, including me. Mizumoto Koen was opened in 1965, at the height of Japan's economic boom, the time the long fight against air pollution was began.

Walking in the Nokogiri-yama mountain

Location : Chiba prefecture, Greater Tokyo
Category : Leisure activities
Nokogiri-yama 鋸山, or Mt.Nokogiri is a small mountain located in the southern Boso area 南房総 of Chiba prefecture, next to Tokyo, has somewhat warmer climate and hardly ever snow in winter. Though the southern Boso area is known for good beaches and surfing spots, the area also has nice places to enjoy walking as well as sightseeing, and the Nokogiriyama is one of the must-visit places there.

Toden Streetcar Tour of Tokyo Neighborhoods

oden Arakawa-sen(line) is a streetcar system that is served between the historic neighborhoods Waseda and Minowa in the northern area of Central Tokyo. There are various attractions along the tramline, such as Japanese gardens, temples, old shopping streets, and Sakura viewing spots, allowing you to have a short tour and enjoy a nostalgic, friendly atmosphere there.

Attractions in the southern area of Tochigi Prefecture

Location : Tochigi prefecture, Greater Tokyo
Category : Sightseeing & Strolling, Arts & Culture, Leisure activities
Tochigi has many tourist spots other than Nikko, most of them are easily accessible from Central Tokyo by train. As for one-day tours, the historic district in Tochigi-shi city and Ashikaga city are a nice place to visit, especially for those who want to escape from busy Tokyo on weekends.

Rikugien Garden in Tokyo

In Tokyo, there are many traditional Japanese gardens. The Rikugien Garden 六義園 is one of those, that was originally the land given to Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu of the Shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, around the early 18th century.

Cycling in Tokyo | Riverside Cycling Routes

In Tokyo, there are several river banks where cycling routes are provided. No traffic jams, No traffic lights to wait, and the blue sky and the green ground are what you will see there. River banks are a place to relax for Tokyo residents.

Outlet Shopping Malls in Tokyo and surrounds

A number of large outlet malls have opened around Kanto region and many of them are located in a resort area or popular tourist spots.

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