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Take the Toden Streetcar and tour around Tokyo neighborhoods

Toden Arakawa-sen(line) or Arakawa Sakura Tram is a streetcar system served between the historic neighborhoods Waseda and Minowa in the northern area of Central Tokyo. There are various attractions along the tramline, include Japanese gardens, temples, old shopping streets, and Sakura viewing spots, allowing you to have a short tour and enjoy a nostalgic, friendly atmosphere of old Tokyo.

Toden Arakawa Streetcar 都電荒川線 runs on the 12.2km-long rail line with 30 stations, takes about a 50- minute ride from the starting station Minowabashi 三ノ輪橋駅 to the end station Waseda 早稲田駅. Waseda is often referred as the first station though the actual starting station is Minowabashi, and also here. The route could be divided into two areas as 1 and 2 in the map. Most of the tourist spots are gathered around Waseda, Zoshigaya in area 1, and Oji Town between the area 1 and 2, great places to stroll on a 2-or-3-hour walking tour. Riding Toden Streetcar itself is also an attraction.

Toden Map
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Area 1

Toden Tour 1 | Attractions in West Area

Toden Arakawa Line Stations
1.Waseda 早稲田
2.Omokagebashi 面影橋
3.Gakushuinshita 学習院下
4.Kishibojinmae 鬼子母神前
5.Toden zoshigaya 都電雑司ヶ谷
6.Higashi-ikebukuro Yonchome 東池袋四丁目
7.Mukohara 向原
8.Otsuka-ekimae 大塚駅前
9.Sugamoshinden 巣鴨新田
10.Koshinzuka 庚申塚
11.Shin-koshinzuka 新庚申塚
12.Nishigahara yonchome 西ヶ原四丁目
13.Takinogawa ichome 滝野川一丁目
14.Asukayama 飛鳥山
15.Oji-ekimae 王子駅前

Area 2

Toden Tour 2 | Attractions in East Area

Toden Arakawa Line Stations
16.Sakaecho 栄町
17.Kajiwara 梶原
18.Arakawashakomae 荒川車庫前
19.Arakawa yuenchimae 荒川遊園地前
20.Odai 小台
21.Miyanomae 宮ノ前
22.Kumanomae 熊野前
23.Higashiogu sanchome 東尾区三丁目
24.Machiya nichome 町屋二丁目
25.Machiya-ekimae 町屋駅前
26.Arakawa nanachome 荒川七丁目
27.Arakawa nichome 荒川二丁目
28.Arakawakuyakushomae 荒川区役所前
29.Arakawaichumae 荒川一中前
30.Minowabashi 三ノ輪橋

Three types of one-day tickets are available

Toden Streetcar is operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation (Toei) who offer three types of one-day tickets. The one "Toei Streetcar One-day Economy Pass"  都電一日乗車券(Toden Ichi-nichi Josha-ken) is 400 JP Yen and allows unlimited use of the Toden Arakawa Line for one day. Holding this ticket will be a money saving if you use the Toden line for 3 times a day or more. This one-day ticket is sold on the Toden tram. Ask the conductor for the ticket whenyou get on for the first. Once you get the ticket, what you have to do is just show the ticket every time you get on the Toden tram.

To find information on other types of one-day tickets, visit the official website of Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation