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Toden Tram Tour of Tokyo Neighborhoods | Tour 1 - West Area

Toden Arakawa-sen(line) is a streetcar system served between the historic neighborhoods Waseda and Minowa, in the northern area of Central Tokyo. There are various attractions along the tramline, such as Japanese gardens, temples, old shopping streets, and Sakura viewing spots, allowing you to have a short tour and enjoy a nostalgic, friendly atmosphere.

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Google Maps : Waseda station https://goo.gl/maps/1XMh2R8hXMQ2

1. Higo-Hosokawa Garden (Former Shin-Edogawa Garden)

A traditional Japanese garden with a focus on the spring pond that lies in a residential area where shogun's retainers used to live. Admission Free.
*The name of this garden has changed as of March 18 2017.
February to October: 9:00 - 5:00PM (4:30PM)
November to January: 9:00 - 4:30PM (4:00PM)
Closed on year-end and New Year holidays

Official Website: https://www.higo-hosokawa.jp/

  • 7-min walk from Waseda Station on the Toden Arakawa Line
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    2.Sekiguchi Bashoan Garden

    The historic place where Matsuo Basho, a renowned haiku poet master, had lived around 1677. This place remains the view of his house and the garden in that time.
    Open: 10:00AM to 16:30PM
    Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, year-end and New Year holidays


    3. The Garden of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

    The Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is a luxury hotel with exclusive banquet halls, upscale restaurants, and a large classical Japanese garden that delights visitors with its seasonal beauty. The garden’s admission is free.
    Official Website ; https://hotel-chinzanso-tokyo.jp/garden/

  • 10-min walk from Waseda Station on the Toden Arawaka Line
  • The Chinzanso Garden is next to Sekiguchi Bashoan.
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    4. Edogawa-koen Garden

    A river-side garden along Kandagawa river, known as a Sakura viewing spot with 230 of the trees. Admission free.

  • 15-min walk from Waseda Station on the Arakawa Line
  • 5. Anahachimangu Shrine

    This historic shrine is known for the lucky charm bringing fortune.

  • 12-min walk from Omokagebashi Station on the Toden Arakawa Line
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    6. Omokagebashi bridge over the Kanda river

    A great Sakura viewing spot on the side of the Kanda River, some cherry trees bloom in spring.

  • 0-min walk from Omokagebashi Station on the Toden Arakawa Line
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    7. Tokyo Kimono Dye Museum (Tomita Somekogei Dyehouse)

    Tomita Somekogei is a traditional dyehouse that has been in operation over 140 years in Tokyo. They offer Kimono dyeing lessons* as well as free tours that allow visitors to observe their actual dyeing works. Admission is free. *Reservation is required for Kimono dyeing lessons (paid).
    Official webpage: https://tokyotouristinfo.com/detail/M0322

  • 2-min walk from Omokagabashi Station on the Toden Arakawa Line
  • 15-min walk from Takadanobaba Station on the JR Yamanote Line.
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    8. Kansenen Garden

    Kansenen is a Japanese stroll garden with a central pond, used to be a site of Daimyo or feudal lords’ residence more than 300 years ago.
    Official Website: https://www.city.shinjuku.lg.jp/seikatsu/file15_03_00011.html
    Admission Free.
    March to October: 7:00AM - 7:00PM
    November to February: 7:00AM - 5:00PM

  • 3-min walk from Omokagebashi Station on the Toden Arakawa Line
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    9. Mizuinari-jinja Shrine

    Mizuinari-jinja Shrine Kansenen Garden, known for the oldest Fujizuka, a mound made in the image of Mt. Fuji. The shrine is located next to Kansenen Garden. Admission Free.
    Official Website: https://mizuinari.net/ (Japanese website)

    3-min walk from Omokagebashi Station on the Toden Arakawa Line


    10. Kishimojin Shrine

    A shrine dedicated to Kishimojin, the goddess of child-rising and easy childbirth. This shrine is located in Zoshigaya area, favored by LOHAS people. The handcraft market “Tezukuri-ichi” is held monthly at the Kishimojin shrine and Ootori-jinja shrine nearby. To find the schedule, see their website.
    Zoshigaya Tezukuri-ichi Handcraft Market (Japanese website) http://www.tezukuriichi.com/home.html
    Kishibojin Shrine Official Website: https://www.kishimojin.jp/ (Japanese website)

  • 5-min walk from Kishibojinmae Station on the Toden Arakawa Line
  • 5-min walk from Zoshigaya sta. on the Fukutoshin Line of Tokyo Metro
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    11. Zōshigaya Cemetery


  • 5-min walk from Toden Zoshigaya Station on the Toden Arakawa Line
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    12. Zoshigaya Missionary Museum

    雑司が谷 旧宣教師館
    The former residence of John Moody McCaleb, an American missionary who lived there for 34 years before returning to his homeland in 1941. Built in 1907, this two-story wooden house is one of the oldest western-style houses in Tokyo.
    Admission is free. Open from 9:00AM to 16:30PM. Closed on Mondays, the third Sunday, the following day of National holidays, during Year-end and New Year holidays

  • 7-min walk from Toden Zoshigaya Station on the Toden Arakawa Line
  • 10-min walk from Kishibojinmae Station on the Toden Arakawa Line
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    13. Sunshine City

    The Sunshine City is a commercial complex that includes shopping malls, restaurants, a theatre, office convention halls and an aquarium. Anime events are often held at Sunshine City. The famous Anime store "Animate" is located in front of the Sunshine City.
    Official Website: https://sunshinecity.jp/

  • 3-min walk from Higashi Ikebukuro Yonchome Sta. on the Toden Arakawa Line.
  • 3-min walk from Higashi Ikebukuro Sta. on the Yurakucho Subway Line.
  • 10-min walk from JR Ikebukuro Station (East Exit).
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    14. Sugamo Jizodori Shopping Street and Togenuki Jizo Buddha

    Sugamo Jizodori Shopping Street is an old shopping street at the front approach of Koganji Temple, known for Togenuki-jizo statue, where many older adults gather to pray for good health and the happiness in the rest of their lives. Since Sugamo town is getting popular, young people also began to visit there to enjoy the good old-fashioned atmosphere.
    Official Website : https://sugamo.or.jp/ (Japanese website)

  • 2-min walk from Koshinzuka Station on the Toden Arakawa Line
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    15. Oji Town

    Oji is a greenery, historic town with various attractions, temples, gardens, and museums. Asukayama Koen Park near the JR Oji Station is a great place to enjoy Sakura viewing in spring.
    Related Article: https://tokyo.digi-joho.com/attractions/oji-attractions.html

  • 1-min walk from Oji Ekimae Station on the Toden Arakawa Line
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    Toden Arakawa-sen Stations
    Part 1 : West Area

    1.Waseda 早稲田
    2.Omokagebashi 面影橋
    3.Gakushuinshita 学習院下
    4.Kishibojinmae 鬼子母神前
    5.Toden zoshigaya 都電雑司ヶ谷
    6.Higashi-ikebukuro Yonchome 東池袋四丁目
    7.Mukohara 向原
    8.Otsuka-ekimae 大塚駅前
    9.Sugamoshinden 巣鴨新田
    10.Koshinzuka 庚申塚
    11.Shin-koshinzuka 新庚申塚
    12.Nishigahara yonchome 西ヶ原四丁目
    13.Takinogawa ichome 滝野川一丁目
    14.Asukayama 飛鳥山
    15.Oji-ekimae 王子駅前

    Zoshigaya (Kishibojin Shrine)

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