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Hachijojima, a resort island painted with blooming subtropical flowers - Part 1

Hachijojima is an island that lies in the open seas some 287 km south of Tokyo, Japan. With an area of 72 square kilometers, Hachijojima is the second largest island in the Tokyo Island Shoto Chain. (See the map) Since it is easily accessible by a 50-minute flight from Haneda (Tokyo) to Hachijoujima, with 3 flights a day, the island has been developed as a resort area where visitors can enjoy outdoor recreational activities in a mountainous and marine environment, as well as, enjoying a peaceful relaxing holiday. A long time ago in Japan, when going abroad by air was a special occasion, numerous Japanese couples visited the island for an exotic honeymoon from this resort area. The island still attracts people who love a tropical atmosphere that a southern land can provide, where thousands of hibiscus flowers are blooming along the streets from spring through autumn.

When it comes to traveling to Japan, most people think of visiting attractions like climbing Fuji Mt. The Fuji experience and Onsen hot springs found in Hakone can be experienced in Hachijojima too, on a smaller or kawaii scale.

The first view seen when visitors arrive at the airport is Mount Hachijo-fuji, a small, elegant 854m mountain peak that spreads out in all directions, much like its namesake Mount Fuji.

Hachijo-fuji is a composite volcano with an inner crater that can be seen from a walking path around its rim. On the flank of Hachijo-fuji, there is a small ranch called Fureai Ranch, where visitors can enjoy scenic views. There is also hiking courses provided by the Hachijojima Tourist Association, that is 3.3km long and takes approximately 3 hours to finish.

Hachijo-fuji Hiking Course by Hachijojima Tourist Association

Ashiyu Foot Bath

As for Onsen hot springs, Hachijojima has various types of Onsen facilities, including an outdoor facility for bathing with swimsuits on near the Uramigataki waterfall, and an indoor facilities along coastline for bathing nude.

The photo on the right is the foot bath called “Ashiyu Kirameki”, available to anyone for free.

Just relax, and enjoy the foot bath while watching the sun set on the shining ocean, all spread out in front of you.

To reach these tourist attractions like the starting point for Hachijo-fuji hiking or the hot spring villages, a shuttle bus is available that runs every hour or so. For more convenience, there are rental services for bikes, motorcycles and cars, available at the airport.

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