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Hachijojima, a resort island painted with blooming subtropical flowers - Part 2

Needless to say, Hachijojima Island offers various types of marine sports, such as surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, fishing, and sailing, to name a few. Hachijojima is actually known for sailing, where the sailing competition for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics was held.

In the early morning, fishing enthusiasts come up to the shore with their big catches. In the coast near Yaene Port, there is flatland called “Nanbara-senjojiki”, formed with black volcanic rock, where the jagged area facing the sea is a perfect surf-fishing spot.

Yes, Sushi made with fresh fish caught in Hachijojima is one of the specialties of the island. The Sushi in Hachijojima is called "Shima-zushi" meaning Island Sushi, and is eaten with Japanese mustard instead of Wasabi.

The photo on the right is the jagged point at Nanbara-senjojiki. The color contrast between the splashing ocean waves and the black volcanic rock is very vivid.

Since Hachijojima has been developed as a resort island, there are restaurants offering various dishes that include Ramen, Yakiniku (beef barbecue), French, Italian and Chinese dishes. There are of course Japanese restaurants offering specialties of Hachijojima, such as Tempra, Sushi (Shima-zushi ) and Udon. The Ashitaba Udon, a Japanese noodle in which Ashitaba herbs are kneaded into the dough, is eaten with Yakumi (Spices) and the island’s hot peppers. Kihachijo Sablé are cutely Kimono-shaped cookies, made from Hachijo butter.

During the hundred years of Hachijojima’s history, drifters driven west by the Kuroshio Current (Japan Current) along with the exiled Samurai generals brought with them unique culture and traditions to the island, so different from those on the mainland of Japan. It is enjoyable to visit Hachijojima for a resort holiday, and to experience something different than found in Tokyo.

Hachijojima Island Information

Activities on Hachijojima Island

Outdoor activities : Hiking, Hill walking, Cycling, Camping, and Playing sports.

* There are 2 baseball fields and 1 football pitch

Marine sports : Sailing, Fishing, Snorkeling, Scuba diving, Jet skiing

Relaxation : Onsen hot spring bathing, Yoga, Bird watching and Star gazing


Hot and humid climate. The average temperature is between 10C (Winter) and 30C. (Summer). It is so humid in summer, but a cool wind blows from the sea that control the temperature. Caution is needed during spring storms and autumn typhoons. Strong winds blow from the west in the winter.

Hot to get there

By Boat
From Tokyo (Takeshiba Terminal) via Tokai Kisen passenger ferry (travel time 11 hours)

By Air
Three flights a day (travel time 45 min.) between Tokyo Haneda Airport (Domestic Terminal 2) operated by All Nippon Airlines (ANA)


Hotels, Ryokans (Japanese Inns) and Minshuku (B&B) and Cottages are available in Hachijojima.

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