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Kouzushima, the Tokyo island for enjoying outdoor activities | Part 1

What place do you visit if you want to see blue ocean and a white sandy beaches in Japan? The place you may come up might be the major resort islands in the south of Japan, but, please consider Kouzushima too, the island in the Tokyo prefecture, located off the beaten track.

Kouzushima is an island in the Izu Shoto Island Chain of the Tokyo Islands, located 188km away from Tokyo city. It takes about 3hr. 40min. by jet-boat from the Takeshiba Terminal located in the Tokyo bay. You might think 3hr. 40 min. ride is a bit long, however, what do you think if you can quickly reach to white sandy beaches of the island right after you arrive at the port?

Taking a jet-boat from Takeshiba Terminal, enjoying views of Tokyo bay and the islands along the way to Kouzushima is quite a memorable travel experience in Japan. Time passes quickly and you will arrive at your destination, and what you will instantly see upon arrival is truly worth the long cruise...

The white sandy beach is spread out in front of you. It is hard to believe that this is part of Tokyo prefecture. Kouzushima Island has two ports, a main port called Kouzuko, and the other is called Miura-ryokou, both surrounded by beautiful beaches. The photo above is Tako Bay at Miura-ryoko.

Kouzushima is not only known for white sandy beaches but for caves, where you can enjoy snorkeling and diving. The sea water at these caves, surrounded by rock, is quite calm, crystal clear and shines like an emerald.

The photo below is the Akazaki Walking Trail, a 500m long wooden walkway on the northwest coast of Kouzushima. There are diving boards along the way from which visitors can jump into the water to swim or snorkel.

Akasaki Walking Trail

Since Kouzushima is a volcanic island, it has Onsen or Hot Springs. A hot spring resort called Kouzushima Recreation Center (Kouzushima Onsen Hoyou Center) is located near Sawajiri bay, along the rocky coast, that has two bathing sections, one is an outdoor place for bathing with swimsuits on, and other is an indoor place for bathing, where swimsuits are not required. From the outdoor bathing area, you can enjoy a scenic view of Pacific Ocean. 

Spending time here bathing and relaxing will be an unforgettable experience for you, as you watch the sun set into the sea and the sky turn crimson. And then a thousand stars will shine in the night sky. 

Kouzushima Recreation Center (Kouzushima Onsen Hoyou Center) opens from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. (Front desk closes at 9:00 PM), in winter (Nov to Mar), it closes at 9:00 PM (Front desk closes at 8:00 PM). It is closed on Wednesdays. Admission fee is 800 yen for adults, 400 yen for children. That facility includes: Showers, Washing rooms, Dressing room for men/women, Sauna, Resting room, Restaurant. Don’t forget bring your towel (and your swimsuits) as they will charge you a fee. 

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