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Kouzushima, the Tokyo island for enjoying outdoor activities | Part 2

Unfortunately, or fortunately, for those who love a secret hiking spot, Kouzushima is not yet well known for hill walking, despite having a scenic mountain called Mountain Tenjo (Tenjozan). Though Mt.Tenjo is a low-elevation mountain, it mysteriously has vegetation that normally resides at 2,000m to 3000m elevations, as well as a highland ridge area.

To climb up the mountain, people are required to climb with a guide, as some of the trails are hidden in bush where you can easily become lost. Basically. there are three hiking courses provided by the Kouzushima Tourist Association, one is 3-and-a half hour course and others are 5 to 6 hour courses. 

Mt. Tenjo is only 572m high, but it might be more challenging than you think because of the steep, rocky slope. In summer, it often gets foggy around the mountaintop and is rather chilly. In Spring or Autumn, it rarely gets foggy so you can partake in a thrilling view, looking down from the cliff-top.

Hikers, who were in a chatting mood at the beginning, became quiet 15 minutes later, breaking a sweat. However, it was not so long before they realized that their work was worth the effort.

Panoramic views of the islands, that look like they are floating on the blue ocean, was a gift to the hikers. The color contrast of mountain green and ocean blue is so vivid. On a cloudless day, you might be able to see even the Izu Peninsula or Mt. Fuji in the distance. The lookout at Tenjozan has been selected as one of Tokyo's best 100 views. 

On Mt. Tenjo, there are areas of white desert sand and marshy places with ponds, so you can enjoy scenic views while you are walking in the mountain too. Mt. Tenjo is also a mountain having various high-attitude plants. You can see tiny wild flowers blooming along the trails throughout the seasons.

Hiking in Mt. Tenjo (Tenjouzan)

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