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Niijima, an island of white sandy beaches - Part 2

Glass Art in Niijima

Niijima is also known for glass art made of Kohga stone (Bt rhyolite) that has a natural olive color. You can see those glass works at Niijima Glass Art Center (admission is free).

Niijima Glass Art Center/

The facility has a studio where international workshops are held. Visitors can experience creating a glass work (with fees).

Niijima Glass Art Center/

Onsen Hot Springs

In Niijima, you cannot miss the Onsen (Hot Spring). There is a large Onsen facility near the Glass Art Center, called "Yunohama Onsen". As it is located on a hill top, you have a panoramic ocean view while bathing. This Onsen is only enjoyed with swimsuits. The facility includes change rooms, shower, wash area, toilets, and is available 24 hours, and is free.

Yunohama Onsen Hot SpringĀ 

A view from Yunohama Onsen Hot Spring - it is nice to take an Onsen to warm your body after surfing.

As this was a quick one-day tour, I felt like looking around the island for a few extra days. Niijima has more attractions other than the places introduced here, so come and explore them for yourself.

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