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Fighting against Mosquitoes in summer in Tokyo

In Spring, the gardens and in the forest parks around Tokyo are really nice places to visit. In Summer, however, it can become quite hot and humid, perfect breeding conditions for those pests called "Ka", mosquitoes. From the end of the rainy season in June, Mosquitoes really begin to annoy us. You rarely find any mosquitoes in the urban areas in central Tokyo, but watch out when you go to the woody and bush areas.

Thanks to that there are various Mosquito repelling products sold at local drug stores and to help you keep mosquitoes to stay away. The product is called Ka-tori-ki 蚊取り器 for insecticidal products or Mushiyoke 虫除け for repelling products.

For repelling products, the recent popular devices are non-electrical ones, which help keep mesquites away or kill them by just using (spraying) in a room for one time, that would work for 12 hours. This type of devices ise sold at drug stores.

Mobile types of mosquito-repelling/killing devices are also sold at drug stores. They are so convenient when you go to bushy places in Tokyo. It is called Keitai-Yo 携帯用 means "For mobile". There are mosquito-repellents that you put on your body. Spray types are called Mushi-yoke-spray 虫除けスプレー, and location types are called Mushi-yoke Cream 虫よけクリーム. If your skin is not too sensitive, it will be easier to protect yourself using Ka-tori-ki or Keitai-Yo Katori-ki.