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100 Yen Shops (Hyaku-yen Shops) in Tokyo / Japan

You must have heard of the many types Dollar shops in North America and Europe. In Japan, there are also Dollar types of stores called 100 Yen Shop Hyaku-yen Shop 百円ショップ. (Or called Hyakkin 百均 as a clipped word.) 

Hyaku-yen Shops are so popular in Japan as they handle a wide variety of products that include foods, tableware, kitchenware, and DIY products etc., sold at 100 Yen (108 Yen plus 8% consumption tax) each, basically 1 Dollar US.

For international travelers who come to Japan, 100 Yen Shop are also worth visiting since they handle goods that you will not see in your country. Generally, the quality of products sold in Japan is very high. I have heard of tourists from the rest of Asia shopping at these shops for their very low priced, quality good.

For example, I bought a Daikon-oroshi-ki 大根おろし器 the other day. If you like Tempura, you must know what Daikon-oroshi is. Yes, it is grated Daikon radish. Daikon-orohshi-ki is a radish grater.

daikon grater
Daikon-oroshi-ki bought at a Hyaku Yen Shop

Maybe, it is not so hard to find Daikon (radish) at supermarkets in your country, however, it must be still hard to find a Daikon-oroshi-ki out side of Japan. Even if you are lucky to find it, it must be very expensive. And, here in Japan, you can buy it at 100 Yen (105Yen) at the 100 Yen shop.

At 100 Yen Shops, many Japanese goods, like chopsticks, are sold. Many of these products are not made in Japan, though, it is fun trying to find something unique for souvenirs for your friends back home. Besides, they are cheap.

Major 100 Yen Shops (Hyaku-yen shops) in Japan


* 100 Yen shops are often found in shopping malls or Shouten gai (Local shopping streets).