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Observation Decks in Tokyo Part 1 : Admission Free

Having scenic views from the top of high-rise buildings is one of the best tourist attractions in Tokyo. It is amazing to see a panoramic view of the big city, jam-packed with miniature-like houses and buildings where 13 million people are living. The nightscape is fantastic too.

Winter is the best season to enjoy the panoramic views

In winter, we don’t have much rain and the humidity is low, the sky is so clear that it allows you to overlook the city into the far distance. In all seasons, it allows you to see Mount Fuji from Tokyo on clear days. However, Mount Fuji can most clearly be seen in winter, as well as looking beautiful as it is covered with white snow.

Observation Decks in Tokyo | Admission Free

Observation decks atop famous, high-rise buildings, such as Tokyo Tower, Sky Tree, Sunshine 60, and Yokohama Landmark Tower (in Yokohama), require an entrance fee. However, there are also the ones allowing you to enjoy viewing for free, as listed below.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building 45F (202m)

This building has two observation decks; North Observatory and South Observatory. One of the most popular observation decks in Tokyo available for free, but it is always crowded.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatories

Getting there
8 min. walk from JR West Exit of Shinjuku Station
1 min. walk from Tochomae Subway Station (E28) of Oedo Subway Line
Google Maps - Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building 

Nearby Attractions
- Shopping and entertainment district in the east area of the Shinjuku Station
- Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden 

Bunkyo Civic Center 25F (142m)

The Bunkyo Civic Center is the ward office building of Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. This building is not so high, but it allows you to have a wide view as there is no other high-rise building nearby. On the 25F, there is also a restaurant. 

Civic Center Information (In Japanese) 

Open: 9:00 to 20:30
Closed from 29.Dec to 3.Jan
Not available on the days the office (building) is closed 

Getting there
1 min. walk from Kasuga Subway Station on the Toei Mita or Oedo Line. 
Google Maps - Bunkyo Civic Center 

Nearby Attractions
Tokyo Dome City (Baseball stadium, Amusement park, Onsen Spa Facility, Hotel etc.)
Koishikawa Korakuen Garden
Bunkyo Furusato Rekishikan (Bunkyo Historical Museum)

Hokutopia building 17F ((88m)

The Hokutopia is the ward office building of Kita-ku, Tokyo. This building is also not so high, but it allows you to have a wide view as there is no other high building around the district. The Asukayama Park at the foot of the building is covered with Sakura flowers in spring. 

Hokutopia Information (In Japanese) 

Open : From 9:00AM to 20:00PM
Closed from 29.Dec to 3.Jan
* It is temporarily closed once a month. 

Getting there
2 min. walk from JR Oji Station 
Google Maps – Hokutopia building 

Nearby Attractions
Asukayama Park 

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Carrot Tower 26F (124m)

A commercial building located in Sangenjaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. On the 26th floor, there is a restaurant and a lobby where you can have a superb night view. 

Getting there
1 min. from Sangenjaya Station on the Setagaya-sen Line. 
Google Maps - Carrot Tower 

Nearby Attractions 
Setagaya Public Theatre 

Setagaya Park (Playing field for kids)
https://1000enpark.com/park/00220/ (In Japanese)

Sumida Kuyakusho 14F

This is the ward office building of Sumida-ku, Tokyo. Visitors are allowed to go up to the 14th floor where you will have the best view of Tokyo Sky Tree, the new symbol of Tokyo, towering in front of you. There is no observation deck, instead, you are to have a view from windows near the elevator hall. 

The 14th Floor of Sumiida ward office 

Open from Monday to Friday, 8:30AM to 17:00PM 

Getting there
5 min. walk from Asakusa Station or Tobu Isesaki Line 
5 min. walk from Asakusa Subway Station Exit A5 
Google Maps - Sumida Ward Office in Asakusa 

Nearby Attractions
Asakusa Sensoji Temple 
Tokyo Sky Tree