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How to find and use Free Wi-Fi in Tokyo

Tokyo Metropolitan Government provides a website allowing you to find and use Free Wi-Fi services in Tokyo. This site available in English, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Korean and Japanese, and includes information about how to use their service as well as where to get Wi-Fi at public facilities in Tokyo.


FREE Wi-Fi & TOKYO, operated by Tokyo Metropolitan Government, allows finding and using Free Wi-Fi at public facilities in Tokyo prefecture, which includes libraries, parks, theatres.

Available at most of the major spots in Tokyo

In collaboration with Free Wi-Fi Service Partners, their service covers the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Registration is easy. Your SNS account also will do.

To use the Wi-Fi service, you need to sign up for registration, but it can be done by e-mail, with free of charge. If you have an SNS account (Facebook Gmail etc.), it requires no registration.

Their map helps find the location

A map is at the menu “Wi-Fi Spots” helps to know where to go to get Wi-Fi.

For details, you can find on the website an easy-to-understand guide to know how to use the service. Just try it!



Tokyo Metropolitan Government


Published on March 2017
This article is also available in Japanese