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Ueno, Tokyo - Sightseeing Attractions Part 1

Ueno 上野 is located in a district in the north of central Tokyo. Ueno is well known for many cultural and historical places, for example, the Ueno Park and Zoo. From historic buildings associated with a Tokugawa family temple from the Edo era, to cultural facilities like the National Museum, there are many worthwhile sightseeing attractions in Ueno. If you are interested in Japanese traditional culture and the older neighbourhoods of Tokyo, Ueno is a great place to visit.

Ueno Park (Ueno Onshi Kouen Park) 上野恩賜公園

Ueno Park was formerly the site occupied by Kanei-ji, a family temple of the Tokugawa Shogun. After the Tokugawa shogunate era ended, this area was developed as a park where many cultural facilities are located. In springtime, in the season of cherry blossoms, the place is crowded with many visitors.

Ueno Zoo

Ueno Zoological Garden 上野動物園

Ueno Zoo, or the Ueno Zoological Gardens, is the oldest zoo in Japan. (Founded in 1882). Currently, it's home to over 2800 animals, from 500 different species. As it was formerly a part of Kanei-ji temples, it remains historical buildings such as the Five-storied Pagoda... Click here to find more info

Ueno Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan

Tokyo National Museum 東京国立博物館

The national museum consists of 5 exhibition buildings where art and archeological relics from Japan and Asia are displayed. From the armour of a samurai warrior, to swords, to Ukiyoe-paintings and Kimono, you can experience the taste of Japanese traditional art. The museum shop in the main building sells unique goods designed in traditional Japanese style.

National Science Museum 東京国立科学博物館

From dinosaur bones, stuffed animals, mummy heads, to full-scale airplanes and models of space rockets, various exhibitions related to science, technology and nature.

The National Museum of Western Art 東京国立美術館

Exhibition of western paintings from the late medieval period through the early 20th Century, includes French Modern Sculpture. This art museum is known for the exhibition of the works of Auguste Rodin, the French sculptor. His greatest works include "The Thinker" and "The Gates of Hell" are exhibited in the garden.

Ueno Toushougu

Toshogu Shrine 上野東照宮

Founded in 1627, one of the Toshogu shrines that venerate Ieyasu Tokugawa, the first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate. This shrine is famous for 280 stone garden lanterns and 50 bronze garden lanterns, as well as national treasures of architecture.

Shinobazu Pond

Shinobazu Pond 不忍池

A large, 2-km in diameter, pond used as a bird sanctuary in Ueno Park. The Shinobazu Pond was formerly part of the sea in the primitive times. In summer, it is quite beautiful with blooming lotus flowers.

Shitamachi Museum 下町風俗博物館

A unique museum showcasing daily life in a traditional working-class neighbourhood during 1850's. Inside, model exhibits of full-scale houses, where you can actually open a closet and a drawer to see Kimono or Futon, items people would actually use in the past. 

Ameyoko Shopping Street

Ameyoko Shopping Street アメヤ横丁

A lively street market along with the railway line between Ueno and Okachimachi station, crowded with stores showcasing clothes, bags, shoes, food and more.

Yokoyama Taikan Memorial Museum 横山大観記念館

Exhibition of the works of Yokoyama Taikan, an artist known for his noble achievement for helping creating techniques of Nihonga, a style of Japanese painting. This museum itself was formerly the house of Taikan, where he kept creating art untill he died at 90, in 1958. The biggest feature of this museum is that all paintings are exhibited in traditional Japanese style, interiors where you can feel as if you visited a house back in old Tokyo.

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