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Meet the Akita dog tour - Part 4:
Attractions in Odate City, Akita Prefecture

Hikage Onsen Hot Springs

A long-established, stylish Japanese inn with authentic hot springs, tucked away in the mountains.

Experience of staying at a place like a samurai lord residence

Akita prefecture in northern Japan is abundant with natural hot springs or Onsen surrounded by nature. Most of those hot springs are nestled in mountains, and the Hikage Onsen, a luxurious hot spring inn, is one of those fantastic places.

Hikage Onsen is hidden deep in the mountains in the north of Odate City. Going up a narrow road amongst trees, you finally see the large wooden building along a stream, in a picturesque and tranquil setting, the perfect place for a retreat in a "Zen" atmosphere.

Originally built in 1893, the building was extended in several generations, has been like a Japanese castle or a museum of wooden architecture filled with precious wooden antiques. By the recent renovation in 2017, guest rooms and the facilities have been in a modern Japanese style and the historic ambiance with modern comforts is favored by guests.

The lounge/reception hall with a fireplace where guests can relax and enjoy coffee anytime during their stay.

Natural hot springs in authentic style

The hot springs at Hikage Onsen have been renowned for the beautifying effects of its water. Hikage Onsen has four different natural hot springs enjoyable in several ways; open-air spas, public bathing halls in traditional wooden design, private spas (without extra fees) in small huts, and precious guest rooms with a spa.

Experience a hot springs spa in Japanese style while watching stars or snow falling in silence.

The hut of Onsen hot springs

The hot springs spa in the hut.

Food Culture Experience

Hikage Onsen is in Odate City, boasts local specialties; Hinai Chicken, Odate-sakura Pork, Akita Beef, and mountain vegetables. Dining at Hikage Onsen can be a food culture experience in the region.

A sample of dishes served in a full-course dinner varied seasonally.

Hikage Onsen has private dining rooms with precious wooden interiors.

The ballroom used as a dining room for guests in a group.

Hikage Onsen can hold tour groups, for example, groups coming to tour around famous spots in the region, such as Shirakami-sanchi mountains and Lake Towada. Providing extraordinary experience, Onsen can also be a place to entertain clients coming to Japan on business.

For individual guests coming by train, pick-up service is available from Jinba-eki Station 陣馬駅 or Ikarigaseki-eki 碇ヶ関駅 on the Ou Line (Oou-honsen 奥羽本線).

Hikage Onsen Hot Springs

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