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Bicycle Parking (駐輪場 Churinjo) in Tokyo Part 2 - Regular Parking

Where do you park your bicycle?

Although bicycles are so convenient to travel within 23 wards of Tokyo, the problem is that it is hard to find where to park bikes as there are so many areas in streets with a sign saying "It is banned to park bicycles here" = Churin Kinshi 駐輪禁止". What if you ignore the sign? Your bike will be taken away and be collected at a place managed by the local government officials. To get your bike back, you need to come all the way to the place, usually located in a very inconvenient area far from train stations, besides, you have to pay a fine... To avoid it happening, you should park your bike at parking lots, or Churinjo 駐輪場 in Japanese, often provided near train stations.

System of Bicycle Parking Lot (駐輪場 Churinjo) in Tokyo

Visitor Parking Lot :

Parking lots for Temporary use or One-day use

一時利用(Ichiji-riyou) or 当日利用(Toujitsu-riyou) or 一日利用(Ichinichi-riyou)
This type of parking lot services is usually available from 5:00AM in the morning to 12:00AM mid-night. The parking fee is somewhere between 100 Yen and 200 Yen per day. It may be free of use for 2 hours or less in many cases. You should ask at the service office.

For more info, see this page- Visitor Parking Lots in Tokyo

Parking Lot For Regular Use (Fixed Term Contract)

定期利用 (Teiki-riyou)
For residents who use bicycles to go to a train station on commuting, the parking service for regular use is so convenient as they don’t need to pay the fee every time they use, also, it is much economical. The contracts for regular use are usually available for commuters who live more than 800m away from the parking lot, and the period is designated from 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. As for the one-year contract, it basically starts accepting applications from February as the Japanese school year begins in April. To find how to apply, it is better to ask at the service office on the parking lot or the ward office. The enrollment system varies depending on the district where the parking lot is located in.

Japanese Samples

Bicycle Parking Lot
*Chu-rin-jo is a clipped word of "Jitensha Chushajo".

Fixed term contract ; 定期利用(Teiki-riyou)
Application : 申込み(Moushikomi)

I’d like to use a regular parking service. How do I apply for it?
(Teiki Riyou wo moushikomita nodesuga dousureba moushikomemasuka)

What is the fee for ( )- month use?
( )ヵ月利用の場合、駐輪料金はいくらですか
(()kagetsu Riyou no baai, Chuurin Ryoukin wa ikura desuka?

Bicycle Parking Lot with underground bicycle parking system at Shinagawa Station. (For regular use). Shinagawa Station is not actually located in Shinawaga-ku. It is located in Minato-ku ward.

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