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Bicycle Parking in Tokyo (駐輪場 Churinjo)
Part 1 - Visitor Parking

Last updated: Feb. 2022

Where do you park your bicycle?

Bicycle is so convenient to travel within 23 wards of Tokyo. Still, the problem is that it is hard to find a place to park your bike as most streets have a sign saying "It is banned to park bicycles here" = Churin Kinshi 駐輪禁止."

What if you ignore the sign of No Bike Parking? Your bike will be taken away as an illegally-parked bicycle and be collected at a place managed by the local government. To get your bike back, you need to go all the way to the place, usually located in a very inconvenient area far from train stations, and you have to pay a fine... That explains why you need to use a bicycle parking lot or Chuurinjo 駐輪場 in Japanese.

Visitor Parking :
Parking Lots for Temporary use or One-day use

一時利用(Ichiji-riyou) / 当日利用(Toujitsu-riyou) / 一日利用(Ichinichi-riyou)

The visitor parking services at the lots are called in 3 ways in Japanese; 一時利用 / 当日利用 / 一日利用. You can use one of them as they have no particular difference.

In the 23 wards of Tokyo, there are two types of visitor parking lots for bicycles, Free and Paid. Free parking is often available for customers at supermarkets and those commercial facilities in off-center districts within the 23 wards.

Paid parking lots at commercial facilities have bicycle stands with an auto-lock function. Generally, it offers free parking for short-time use (e.g., one or two hours), and then it charges a fee for more extended hours. The fee will be between 100 and 150 JP Yen per specific time, per one hour, six hours, depending on the parking.

Visitor parking near stations

Bicycle parking lots located near train stations and major tourist spots are paid systems operated mainly by the city. The visitor parking is usually available from 5:00 AM in the morning to 12:00 AM mid-night. The parking fee is set on a day-use basis from 100 Yen up to 200 Yen/day. For use within a short time (e.g., 1 or 2 hours), free parking will be. It would be best if you asked at the service office.

How to use visitor parking for bicycles

Park your bicycle at a stand, then remember the number shown there.
Check the fee system shown in the parking space or at the payment machine. Time settings for free parking differ at each parking lot.

You are to pay the fee after use. Go to the payment machine (精算機) and put the number on your bike stand. The machine shows how much you need to pay, so pay it accordingly when your stand is unlocked. The machine will accept payments by cash, ic card, e-money, depending on the parking lot. If your usage time is within free parking available, it automatically unlocks your bicycle so you can leave without paying.

Payment machine at Nippori bicycle parking lot

Visitor Parking Lot with the service office (Former style)
Go to the service office at the parking lot and ask for a ticket or a label to put on your bike, which shows that you are a one-day user. For payment, there are two systems, paying in advance or after use, it depends on the parking lot you use. In the case of the self-service parking lot, get a ticket from a ticket machine at the parking lot entrance. Or, Go inside the parking lot and put your bike on a stand, which automatically locks. You are to pay the fee at the payment machine after use.

Japanese Samples

Bicycle Parking Lot
*Chu-rin-joe is a clipped word of "Jitensha Chushajo"

Full / No Vacancy: 満車 (Mansha)
Vacant or Available : 空きあり(Akiari)

Is there any place I can park my bicycle near here (for free)?
(Kono atari de (Muryoude) Jitensha wo tomerareru tokorowa arimasu ka?)

Is there a bicycle parking lot near here?
(Kono atarini Churinjou wa arimasen ka?

I'd like to park my bicycle temporally. How do I use the visitor parking service here?
(Ichiji-riyou wo shitaino desuga, dousureba yoidesuka?)

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